3 Dual Camera Strap Systems

staps for double cameras

If you are a two camera photographer, you know it can get annoying trying to juggle two straps from your cameras plus sometimes an extra camera bag with your lenses. They get tangled, one slides down your shoulder… it’s a pain! Today we’re sharing three camera carrying systems that are perfect for the dual camera photographer.



1. Rapid Strap Double Breathe Harness

This is an extremely comfortable camera carrying system. With padded shoulders, this strap evenly distributes the weight, taking pressure off your lower back. It features a tripod mount and carabiner attachment for a safe locking system. You can also detach the straps in the back to create a one camera strap system if you aren’t carrying two bodies for the day.


2. Spider Pro Dual Camera System

If you’re tired of having camera on your shoulders at all, this is the system for you! The belt like system distributes the weight on your hips, saving your shoulders and back from long days of shooting. Their camera attachments allow for you to quickly grab your camera. We suggest also getting a hand strap like the Spider Holster Pro Handstrap for that added security while handling your camera.

2 camera strap system

3. The Holdfast Money Maker Straps

The money maker is an easy to use system that allows you to carry two camera bodies. There are also option D-ring attachments to the front that will allow you to carry a third camera body in front. If you are a woman with long hair, send the company a special not to remove the D-rings on the back shoulders. You and your hair will thank me later.

They’ve upgraded their attaching mechanism so that it’s even more safe now. It comes with an additional strap to loop onto your camera just in the off chance that one of the latches comes free. The leather on these straps gives you a look of professionalism that’s hard to beat.

What are your favorite camera straps to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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