Top 5 Benefits of Online Invoicing for Photographers

Whether you are a full or part time photographer, getting paid is important. When I first started shooting, I remember taking checks and cash for payments. I also remember just how much of a hassle it was to keep track of it after or making trips to the bank to deposit the money. Online invoicing for your photography business is a crucial component to your business success. You want to make taking payments easy for your and also for your clients. Here are our top 5 benefits to online invoicing for photographers.

1. Fast and convenient

Online invoicing is fast and convenient! Instead of having the back and forth with your client figuring out a time or way to collect their cash/check payment, you can quickly send them an invoice which they can pay easily. Iris integrates with Square, which is our preferred payment processor, which makes it easy for your clients to pay with their debit/card card and your money gets deposited into your account within 1-2 days. No more finding a way to meet with client for payments or trips to the bank.

2. Automation

With Iris, you can incorporate invoices in your workflow for automated invoices. Let Iris do the work for you and remember when to send the next invoice by creating invoice templates and adding these in your emails that can be included in a workflow. Automation will help you get invoices sent timely and ensure you are getting paid.

Invoicing for photographers
3. Professional

Online invoices help set the stage for a professional relationship between the client and photographer. Every client who is paying for services should receive an invoice. This helps eliminate awkward conversations around payment and gives the client clear expectations for when payments are due.

4. Accounting is easier

Instead of trying to find copies of paper receipts, online invoicing makes it easier to keep track of your income for accounting purposes. With online invoice, you can quickly find an invoice or quote and see if it was paid, when it was paid, and pull necessary information when needed. This can be super helpful during tax time. Did you know you can export all of your invoices from Iris for each year and have them readily available in an organized spreadsheet? 


Invoicing for photographers in Iris Works, with a payment schedule
5. Payment Schedules

Some photographers invoice for a retainer and remaining balance that are due on different dates. When you’re busy shooting, especially during the peak months for photographers, it can be easy to forget sending invoices for the remaining balances and collect your payments. Online invoicing with Iris makes it easier to create payment schedules for your clients and invoice them with installments. Payment Schedules with Iris allows you to send invoices with multiple installments, and your clients will be prompted to pay the installment a few days before it is due. Your clients will appreciate the ease of knowing when their payments are due and being able to easily pay off their balances for sessions.

Using an online system for invoicing with automation lets you focus on other things that matter most to you. Whether it’s shooting more, editing, or spending time on something other than your business. 

Tell us why you love using online invoicing for your business!

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