12 Questions to Include in your Newborn Questionnaire

Newborn questionnaires are indeed one of the best ways to prepare yourself and your clients for an amazing session. Moreover, if you frequently interact with expectant or new parents, you’re well aware of how overwhelming their lives can be. By asking key questions beforehand, you can effectively contribute to their sense of calm and excitement for the upcoming newborn session. Not only that, but it will also lay the foundation for a truly unique experience for the new family! To assist you further, we have compiled a quick list of questionnaires that you can consider including in the newborn questionnaires you send to your clients.


What is your baby’s gender… or is it a surprise?

What is your due date? 

Do you have a name picked out? If so, what is it?

What are the names and ages of the adults that will be included in the session?

What are the names and ages of any siblings/others that will be included in the session?

Does your family have any special requirements that I need to be made aware of?


Are there any specific props or ideas that you want to incorporate?

Do you lean more toward traditional poses or a more candid vibe?

If the session will be in your baby’s nursery, please describe the aesthetic (colors, theme, etc.)

What are your concerns/anxieties about this session? 

Have you had professional photos taken before?

Where and how do you plan on displaying your images?

These questions, in addition to being a great way to get yourself prepared, also serve as a means for your clients to start visualizing their session. Furthermore, building excitement plays a pivotal role in creating a remarkable experience. To streamline the process, consider incorporating your client questionnaire into your newborn workflow. With the help of Iris, you can automate the sending of your newborn questionnaire by using workflows in Iris. 

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