Save Time with Workflows


“I don’t understand what workflows are?” “How do workflows… well work exactly?”

This is a question that comes up with photographers who are moving to a studio management program. What are workflows? And how does this help my business? It’s the main muscle of Iris and one feature you do not want to skip out on! Today we’re diving in to how this awesome function will save you SO much time in your business and keep you organized!

What are Workflows?

Workflows is basically your system. It’s everything that you do with a client from start to finish during their experience with you and the timeframe you would like those items to be completed. So everything from initial contact through to delivered product is part of your photography business workflow. More than likely you have a general one in your head. But if you haven’t taken the time to think through your steps, we recommend sitting down with a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down what emails you like to send your client to prepare them, when you want to send invoices, have editing completed, etc. Then write down when you like that to happen prior to or after the session date. Here’s an example:

Sample Photography Workflow Studio Management

How does this work in Iris?

In Iris, you upload any email templates you want to use in that workflow, documents you want to use as attachments, and create your questionnaires. Once those items are done, you simply plug in when you would like those items to happen in your workflow!

Iris Workflow for studio management

Anything that is blue is an automated item that will be sent out for you. That could be any emails with pdfs attached, your contract, questionnaires, etc. Anything that is orange the system will keep organized and let you know when those items are due. These are items that you as the photographer have to complete. Anytime you add a session to your calendar and attach a workflow, the system will automatically schedule out all of these items for you based on the session date!

Workflows are a huge asset for your business and your client’s experience. Not only will they start to save you time by automatically sending out items for you, but it will keep you organized so that you never miss a step. Your clients will see you as more of a professional, they’ll feel more informed before and after their session since you’ve set expectations, and it will  leading to happier clients all around.

Are you ready to try out workflows for your business? Sign up with Iris Works FREE for a 30 day trial! 



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