Polyvore -Making Clothing Inspiration Boards

Making Clothing Inspiration Boards for Your Clients

“What do you suggest we wear?” It’s one of the most common questions a client has before their session. Enter Polyvore! It’s a free website and app that you can use to build inspirational clothing boards! If you put together a PDF for your clients with tips on what and what not to wear for their session, this is a great way to provide sample boards of outfits that work well together.

It’s easy to use! All you have to do is drag and drop the pieces onto an inspiration board and you’re all set! It’s easy to browse what other poeple have put together and check out the latest trends!

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One of my favorite features is the “How other people style this item.” If you see a shirt, skirt, or other item, all you have to do is click on it and browse other sets that people have created. It’s amazing how many ways an item can be styled!

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Each item has a link where you can purchase it too! So you don’t have to try to find something similar at a store, all you have to do is click and it takes you right to their website! Plus all of the prices are listed right next to it so you’re able to see if it’s within your budget.

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So why is it important to spend time talking to your clients about clothing choices? Well for one, no more matching outfits, white shirts or neon tops! But more importantly, you’re setting your clients up to love their session. By feeling more prepared, they will feel less self conscious and frazzled at the session. By brainstorming what they are going to wear, you’re also building up that excitement to their session! So hop over to Polyvore and start playing! Have you tried creating boards for your clients?




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