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Blogstomp & Albumstomp discount code for Iris Works readers! 

Our AWESOME friends over at Blogstomp are giving out a 20% off discount code for their Blogstomp and Albumstomp software! We’re huge fans of anything that can help streamline and automate your business. And who hasn’t spent a ton of time putting together blog posts and albums?

Blogstomp is your go to for preparing your images to go online. You can resize, create multi-image layouts, batch, watermark, and upload right to your blog or social media. To read more about their features, visit their website here:

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Albumstomp is just amazing and will save you so much time as you prepare albums for your clients. (And this comes just in time for the holiday rush!) It will automatically layout designs for you, quickly rearrange the layout, import from software (like Lightroom), allow you to make your own designs, and more! To get more details, check it out here:

AlbumStomp, Album design, photography tools

So hop over to their main page to purchase one or both of the awesome programs today! This offer expires 10/30/15. 

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