Online Booking – How to book more clients

How to book more clients with online booking and your website

Have you ever spent time going back and forth with clients about availability for booking and what works with their schedule? Communications get lost or delayed and then you potentially miss out on booking that client? Online booking helps eliminate the back and forth between you and the client and helps you land more bookings with clients. It makes it easier for you to lay out what you still have available and for your clients to easily pick a session that works best for them.


Iris offers online booking that allows you to set up your availability, publish it on social media or your website so that your clients can book with you. We’ve conducted surveys that show clients prefer booking with a photographer who offers online booking rather than back and forth emails, over the phone, etc… With our booking feature, you client will also be able to view and sign their contract and even pay an invoice to secure their booking.


We’ve chatted with a few Iris users about how they utilize Iris online booking in conjunction with their website through use of landing pages to increase their bookings. This blog covers reasons why you should switch to online booking and tips for creating a seamless process on your own website to book more clients.

iris online booking

3 Reasons to switch to online booking

Clients prefer an online booking experience

Nowadays it is commonplace that you can do almost anything online. You book your hair appointments online, can make online reservations at restaurants, etc… So online booking for portrait sessions is almost expected and makes sense. Clients prefer to book online because it is convenient and faster than having the back and forth emails about availability. They can book at their own convenience.

Saves you time

Online booking with Iris helps you save time on the backend side of your business. You can easily attach a contract and invoice to your booking calendar so that your clients can sign and pay all in one step at booking. Save even more time by adding a workflow to the calendar that kicks off once the session is booked and all of your emails will be automated.

Through workflows, Iris has saved me HOURS of back-end work! Instead of having to send out personal invoices and contracts, I now just throw up my calendar link and that’s the last I have to do on the computer until it’s time to edit their photos! I book 200+ families a year, so you can imagine how many hours of computer work Iris saves me!

Kacie Fowle

Kacie Jean Photography

Book more clients

Having an easy way for clients to see your availability and book their session means you will get more booked sessions. Online booking means your calendar and availability is accessible to your clients 24/7 and makes it much more convenient for clients to book sessions. Leads and clients won’t have to wait for an email response or phone call during the typical business hours to get their session booked.

My Mini-Sessions have exploded this year! Rather than release all dates/times in one go I waited for the first batch to fill before releasing the next. This created more interest and requests and I’ve definitely booked more sessions as a result.

Jo Bryan

Jo Bryan Photography

Why should you use a landing page?

image of landing page with booking links

Many photographers use both a website and social media to share information with their clients about booking sessions. Sharing your booking links on social media can be tricky depending on how much info you’re needing to share and if you have multiple locations or set ups available. Using a landing page will allow you share more of your photos for the sessions, provide more details, and offer different options for booking (different sets, locations, packages, etc).

Another great benefit of using a landing page for your online booking calendars is that you’ll be able to drive traffic back to your website and increase SEO. This allows clients and potential clients to view your website, see more of your style and even see what other sessions you offer.

Tips for creating your booking landing pages
Include Images

This allows your clients to see examples of your work for the session(s) they are booking. It is also helpful if you’re offering multiple sets or locations they can book and helps the client decide which session is the best option for them.

Include pricing details or other important booking details

Using a landing page for your booking links will allow you to include more details about booking for your clients. Whether it’s pricing, retainers, what’s included in the session, or instructions on how to book – this will help your clients understand clearly how to book and set expectations.

Keep it simple

Keep your landing page simple and clear. Having a simple layout and flow to your page will make it easier for clients to find the information they need and easily direct them to your booking calendars.

Tell us why you love online booking in the comments!

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