How to crush your Black Friday promotions

Let’s chat about using black friday promotions to boost your photography business revenue! Black Friday is right around the corner and that’s always a great time to generate some extra income as you close out the year. People are already in gift-buying mode, so it’s a great time to leverage their warm-and-fuzzy generosity and set you both up for a win:win gift scenario.

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How to Crush Your Black Friday Promotions

That said, it’s always important to keep your margins in mind and understand how Black Friday will impact your bottom line. Here are a few ways to promote your business effectively as we head full steam ahead into the holiday season:

Prints, prints, prints!

Encourage your clients to buy prints. If their galleries are expired, flip them back on! Offer them a price that still allows you to have a healthy margin and set an end date for your promotion. Your gallery vendors and print labs should have mechanisms to make this easy for you! Not sure where to start with prints? Check out our blog with Chris Scott from The Printmaker System and Swift Galleries to learn how to get started in print sales!

Bundle up

Create pricing bundles for 2020 and promote them now. Encourage your visitors to book online (learn more about Iris Booking here if you’re not already set up) and give them a discounted price. It’s also easy to include a print credit or a free product for every session booked.

Gift certificates for the win

Gift certificates are an easy way for your clients to share the love. Offering a buy one/get one campaign is a great way to encourage past clients to buy one for a friend AND one for themselves. It’s quick and easy to send them a PDF or a JPG of their certificate for them to frame and gift. (Note: make sure to check your state laws for information about expiration dates and other gift certificate rules.)

Show them something new

Offering a limited-time product is a great way to create buzz. Canvas ornaments and easel-back canvases are great examples of products that your client can only get over the holidays and can quickly become a repeat purchase year after year.

Build up excitement!

We recommend that you start teasing your promotions in the week(s) leading up to Black Friday. An email blast to your client base is a great way to promote it to people who already love you. Promoting your offers with well designed creative graphics (note: we love Canva) will get your Facebook and Instagram followers excited. Since Black Friday is also the time when people are out and about, we encourage you to run your offer through Cyber Monday to give people a chance to buy.

Are you planning on running a Black Friday sale? Do you have any tips from successful sales that you’ve done in the past? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!




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