Nail Your Wedding Consults

So you got a wedding inquiry and scheduled a time to meet with the bride… Now what? Consultations are what will be the determining factor of whether the couple chooses to book you. So it’s best to be prepared and knock it out of the park! Here are a few tips on how to nail your consults every time.

  1. Get there early. Obviously you don’t want to be rolling in late to the appointment late. That sets a bad tone right from the start. If you don’t have a studio and are meeting somewhere like a coffeeshop, you’ll want to give yourself extra time to grab a table.
  2. Be Courteous. When they come in, give them a nice handshake and offer to buy them a drink. I usually wait to grab my own so that they are feel more at ease giving me their drink order if I’m already going up. If you brought albums, tell the couple to use that time to flip through a couple while you wait.
  3. Make it about them. – Don’t start off by going through a sales pitch. Get to know them by asking about them, how they met, how wedding planning is going. Use this as a way to connect with them and also see if there are any red flags. This is as much an interview of them as it is for you.
  4. Have a conversation map. Have an outline in your head of the main points that you want to talk about every time you meet with someone. These are things that you want to mention to help manage expectations from the start. How many hours/average people get, products you offer, how engagement sessions work, what the process for booking is, retainer amount, how many and when they’ll receive photos. You also want to provide points to help ease their mind – backup cameras, insurance, what happens if the worst happens and you can’t be there, why you have two photographers, etc.
  5. Bring print materials. Even if you’ve sent it through an email, it’s always nice to have your wedding pricing info in a nice folder for them to take home. If you haven’t switched to digital and use paper contracts, you can also include that in the folder with a stamped envelope as well.

When wrapping up, ask if they have any questions and tell them you’d love to photograph their wedding (if you truly do). Then tell what they steps are if they decide to book, how long you’ll hold the date for, and tell them you’ll follow up within the week to see if they have any more questions.

By doing these few steps, your chances of booking the wedding will be more in your favor.If you ever find yourself unsure of how you’re doing, grab a friend to practice with!  Remember to be prepared, be thoughtful, educate them, and explain the process and you’re sure to increase the number of weddings you book after a consultation.

What consultation tips have helped you book more weddings?

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