Making the jump to newborn photography.

Newborn photography is an always-growing market within our industry and it definitely requires a certain skill set to ensure a great experience for the babies and their new parents! If you are a new photographer wanting to jump into this genre of photography, here are a few things to think about as you get started:

Be patient. Most newborn sessions can last anywhere from three to four hours. You’ll be dealing with a newborn who might be fussy and you’ll be required to hold, comfort, soothe, pose, wrap… the list goes on. Just remember to take a deep breath, and have patience as you work the baby into a pose.

Get comfortable with the basics. Don’t try to jump into poses like “head in the hands” on your first session. Keep it simple and and work on simple lying down poses where the baby is wrapped. Once you nail those poses and master your lighting and composition and then move on to more complicated poses.

Get smarter. Make an investment in yourself and your business. Education, especially in newborn photography, is very important. It’s not just about the quality of the images, but the safety of newborn posing and watching someone who has experience with this type of photography. The Rachel Vanoven Collective, created by one of our favorite Iris Works users, is an incredible resource to continually grow your newborn education and we couldn’t love her more. You’ll get access to live workshops, monthly videos, behind-the-scenes access and more.

Keep it simple. You don’t need a room full of props, headbands, and blankets in order to get started. Buy a couple of neutral blankets and wraps to practice with and maybe 1-2 simple headbands. Practice with these combos as you hone in your skills, and add to your collection as you grow your business.

For those who are more seasoned newborn photographers, what pieces of advice do you have for photographers who are just getting started in the newborn genre? Leave your advice in the comments below!



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