3 Easy ways to say thank you after a wedding

Say Thank You After a Wedding

A little client love goes a long way after a wedding. They’ve invested in you and it only makes sense to show them how grateful you are. It only takes a minute to show the VIPs of the day how much they mean to you. How do you say sHere are three great ideas:

Say Thank You After a Wedding

Send a thank you card to the bride and groom—AND the parents

Adding the addresses of the bride and groom and all sets of parents to your pre-wedding questionnaire is a great way to set yourself for an easy win here. A quick thank you note immediately after the wedding will go along way when they’re raving about you to their friends. Don’t forget to include a few business cards for them to have, as well.

Leverage the cast of characters

Grab a program from the church (you’ll need it to photograph the paperie suite anyway) and use it to tag the bridal party members when you post a group photo. It’s also a great time to send them a quick direct message to thank them for making your day awesome. That way, if there are any potential clients in the group, they’ll likely follow you right away.

Send an (easy) gift

Sending a thank you gift to the key players in the wedding is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Using your printing lab to drop ship a framed print to the couple, sending each set of parents a set of prints or a companion album, or having a bottle of champagne delivered (we love the Drizly app for boozy deliveries) are easy ways for you to end their experience on a perfect note.

What are ways you say thank you after a wedding? We’d love to know. Tell us in the comments below.  Want to learn more about weddings?  Check out this blog.

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