Iris Works Review – by Sarah-Beth Photography

Wow – we are thrilled with how many photographers are benefiting from Iris Works. And when we saw this blog post from Sarah-Beth Photography, we had to share it here, too.

Sarah Hill, owner of Sarah-Beth Photography, wrote up this blog post sharing how she uses Iris and what she loves about it. And not only that – she also spoke with some of her photography friends who are users of Iris and asked them what they thought of the program.

We LOVE their responses!

“My favorite part of IRIS is how much more professional I feel. Having a set workflow helps me stay on task vs. skipping around, forgetting things, and being late on delivering invoices, contracts, etc. I feel it gives me a more polished look than what I was doing previously…which was self-created Excel spreadsheets and sticky notes galore!!! I just love how everything is all in one place, easy to track, and easy for me to hop on my phone and send a questionnaire, contract, or invoice to a client that I book while I’m on the go. It keeps my brain much less-cluttered and free to be a mama!” – Amanda B.

You know how you feel when your panties match your bra… Well that’s how IRIS makes me feel about my photography business… Like I have my ish together.” -Jessica D.

“IRIS has helped me stay more organized when it comes to booking, invoicing and accessing client contact info. It’s a one stop shop! I like that I can easily access client activity within their profile and schedule invoices to be sent ahead of time. This allows me to stay ahead in my work and minimize the daily grind.” – Heather K.

“I do really find this product very helpful. I’m the most unorganized person and this makes me feel sooooo much better. I just quickly wanted to say if you haven’t tried IRIS, you really don’t know what you’re missing!! Not only can you organize almost every aspect of your business but the quality of their customer service is simply amazing. The CEO’s response time when you need a little help couldn’t be faster! I’m still learning myself but a lot faster than I thought I would with the help of the group that you will belong to when becoming a member.” -Jess V.

“Gah! I love iris!!! I’m blogging now, and it’s all because of the to-do list on iris. I feel so happy when I check that little sucker off. Everything is coming together, woop woop!” -Shannon K.

“OBSESSED with Iris-works. It’s forever changed my life. I just sent a client questionnaire, a contract to sign, a newborn prep guide, a thank you for booking email, and an invoice for payment all in 4 minutes!!! Never in my life have I been able to do that!!! I am purchasing my year subscription now!” -Shelly J.

Be sure to check out Sarah’s website and all of her amazing work, too!



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