Iris + ShootProof Integration

Here at Iris we are all about streamlining your business processes. Did you know that we are partnered with ShootProof? Our partnership with Shootproof lets you create a gallery when you add a new event and link to it in your email templates. And with our automated workflows, you can send out a gallery without lifting a finger.

Online ShootProof gallery by photographer Chanel French

ShootProof Galleries

ShootProof offers beautiful galleries so that you can send your digital images to your clients in a professional way. Make sharing proofs easy by sending a proof gallery to your client and allow them to select their favorites. Once you’re done editing, send your gallery your client their gallery to make downloading their images simple. ShootProof galleries allow you create a unique custom gallery experience for each client or use presets to create a consistent look that matches your brand. 

You can also sell your work directly from your galleries in whatever way works best for you, commission free. Shootproof allows you to sell prints, set your own prices, offer discounts, and even have items delivered in your branded packaging thanks to lab integration.


I really appreciate how Iris integrates with Shootproof. It creates my online galleries with all the required information, including the shoot date and client email, so all I have to do is upload the images! It streamlines the process, making my workflow faster and more efficient.


Pure Light Photography

Iris + ShootProof Integration

When you book a session for a client through Iris, we will automatically create a gallery within Shootproof with all of your client’s information. You can view all ShootProof galleries associated with that client within the client’s profile. Here’s how to get started: 

Connect With ShootProof

Head over to your Studio Profile and click on ShootProof to get things set up. 

From here, you will select the box to use ShootProof, then click on “Connect with ShootProof” and follow the prompts to authorize access. 

I absolutely love that iris works is so well integrated with shoot proof! As soon as my clients sign up for a session an album is automatically generated with their name and email address. After their session all I have to do is upload the pics and hit send!


Holly Marie Photography

Book A Session

When manually scheduling or booking a client, you will see an option to set up the client’s Shootproof gallery for this particular session. Make sure to toggle on the option for “Create Shootproof Gallery” and select your brand.

If you are using online booking calendars or booking invitations (calendars you create within the client profile), you’ll also see an option to toggle on the option for the Shootproof gallery and selecting your brand.

Check Your Client Galleries in Iris

In your client’s profile, navigate to the galleries tab. There you’ll be able to view the gallery that was created for you! You can click on the gallery and it will take you over to ShootProof. 

Upload Your Images in ShootProof

Once your session is complete and images are edited, you can upload their photos into the gallery in ShootProof and select a cover photo. Your cover photo will update in Iris. If you click on their gallery, it will take you to the client gallery view. Convenient, right? 

Once you are ready to send your gallery,  you can send directly from Shootproof or from Iris by using our gallery URL variable in your email templates. This email template can even be incorporated into a workflow to send automatically after these session.

Are you a Shootproof user? Let us know in the comments below!

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