Landing Your Ideal Photography Client

Do you feel like you are continuously getting clients that aren’t a good fit with your business? It might be because you have not identified your “ideal client” and you are not utilizing this information to bring in qualified leads. Defining your ideal client will help you land more of the clients you want to serve and enjoy working with. 

Who is your ideal photography client?

An ideal photography client is basically someone that represents the PERFECT client you would want to work with. Knowing who your ideal client is can help you maximize your marketing efforts to draw in more of those ideal clients and successfully convert them. 

Defining your ideal client

There are a few ways to go about defining your ideal client. If you haven’t had any clients yet, then you might be starting from scratch at this point. In this situation, you can think about what type of clients do you want to serve and dream of those ideal clients. Of course you will need to be sure this is a realistic person and not some unicorn situation.

Perhaps you have been in the business for a while and already have some ideas on what makes the perfect client based on previous client relationships and experiences. You can think about clients who have been amazing to work with in the past and base your ideal client off this. Maybe you have had some tricky clients and can think about those situations as to what you don’t want when it comes to an ideal client. 

Your ideal client may also vary depending on the type of photography you shoot and give you a starting point on what to look for. For example, if you are a family photographer then your ideal client might be busy moms who are trying to preserve memories through photos of their little ones and family. 

Consider your brand and style when it comes to thinking of this ideal person. For example, if you are shooting with a more lifestyle and candid approach, you probably wouldn’t want clients that are wanting traditional portraits of everyone looking at the camera. Showing more of what you want to shoot will also help define and attract those ideal clients. 

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How do I use this information?

Now that you have defined your ideal client – what do you do with that information? Once you know who is your ideal client, you can use this information to maximize your marketing and conversion efforts.

Targeted Ads

If you know that you looking for busy moms or moms in general, you can narrow down your target audience when creating your Facebook or Google ads. This will hlep you reach more qualified leads and subsequently converting them to clients. The language in your ad or your offer should appeal to this group and solve a problem that they have. Busy moms want to freeze time, and you can do this through your photography.

The more you learn about your ideal customers for your business, the more you will be able to tweak your advertisements and get seen by potential clients you would prefer to service. This saves you time and money so you are not wasting your ad funds on leads that may never convert to a client.

Email Marketing

You can include your email marketing opt-in form on your website, blog, or social media to capture those potential ideal clients. Once you catch their interest, they can sign up for emails and this will allow you to nuture that relationship further.

You can specifically target certain groups of clients with your email campaigns. Your emails for senior clients will likely be much different in terms of how you write that content versus what you are showing for your family session clients. Our email marketing tool will allow you send emails to certain groups like by session type or groups that you have manually created. Create your email campaigns with your ideal client in mind to increase the likelihood of them opening the email and clicking through links.

Leads Page + Questionnaire

You can collect inquiries using your Iris leads page and set up an automated lead email response that has a questionnaire in it to help you filter out who aligns with your definition of an ideal client and who doesn’t. This allow you some control over who you end up pursuing further as a client by asking additional questions to ensure they are a qualified lead.

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