INTRODUCING: the Iris Works + Booking shareable booking calendar link

Since the beginning, we knew that our users wanted a way to share their booking calendar link with their clients—AND NOW YOU CAN!

Iris Works + Booking now has a publishable booking calendar link, and we’re thrilled to introduce this exciting feature to you! With our new publishable booking link, you have the freedom to share your calendar availability anywhere you prefer. Consequently, this makes it incredibly convenient for your clients to view your schedule and select a suitable time. (Note: If you’re already using booking, your templates have been converted to shareable links, making the transition seamless.)

 All AllContracts and Payments

But that’s not all—our aim is to streamline your booking process and help you secure clients, contracts, and payments even faster!

In addition, with our enhanced booking calendars, you now have the ability to attach contracts and invoices directly to the booking process. Consequently, when confirming a session with you, your clients will be prompted to sign the contract and make the necessary payment. Thus, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient workflow.

Let’s delve into all the incredible possibilities that await you with our new publishable booking link!


  • Share your booking link on your website! Integrate your booking link seamlessly into your website, allowing visitors to easily book sessions or services with you.
  • Drop your booking link into your Instagram profile! Make it effortlessly accessible for your Instagram followers by adding your booking link to your profile. As a result, they can now navigate directly to your calendar and schedule appointments in a breeze.
  • Put your booking link on your Facebook page! Expand your reach by showcasing your availability on your Facebook page. Your followers can conveniently book your services without leaving the platform.
  • Send out an email campaign with your booking link! Maximize your email marketing efforts by including your booking link in your campaigns. Keep your audience engaged and give them the opportunity to schedule sessions with just a few clicks.
  • Include your booking link in an automated workflow! Automate your booking process by integrating your booking link into your existing workflows. From initial inquiry to confirmation, your clients can seamlessly navigate the entire booking journey.
  • Hit your clients up with a text including your booking link! Leverage the power of SMS marketing and send personalized messages to your clients, complete with your booking link. They can easily access your calendar and book appointments at their convenience.
The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities truly are endless with our new publishable booking link! Additionally, we want to ensure that your scheduling experience is flexible and tailored to your needs. Furthermore, if you don’t always know your schedule in advance, fear not! Our booking calendars our custom invitations feature allows you to send available dates to your clients on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, you can provide them with options for sessions, meetings, coffee dates, and more, without the need to manage a published calendar.

With Iris Works + Booking, we’re committed to empowering photographers and service providers like you with the tools to streamline your workflow and enhance client experiences. Thus will help your business grow! In fact, our publishable booking link is just one of the many ways we’re making this happen.

So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing your booking link today and witness the positive impact it has on your business. Get ready for increased bookings, streamlined contracts, and faster payments. Embrace the future of effortless scheduling with Iris Works + Booking!

Check out our Youtube Channel for helpful tutorials on how to use our online booking feature!



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