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Iris Works – Looking Ahead to 2016

A year in review

Now that 2015 has officially drawn to close, looking back we had an amazing year! Iris Works launched in March, we connected with a lot of our users, met some amazing leaders in the industry, went to some awesome conferences, made improvements to our program, and reached our goals. And so much of that was because of you! When this program first launched less than a year ago, we never imagined the amount of support that would come pouring out from the photography community. And for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The best part of this year has been hearing all of the success stories from you guys! About how your businesses have changed, how you are better business owners now, how you’re finally getting organized and how you’re getting valuable time back to spend with your families again… it makes every day that we are pouring ourselves into this program so worth it!

Looking ahead to 2016!

It seems the trend right now is coming up with a single word or phrase that will define 2016 and help shape your goals. So we wanted to share our word for our 2016 inspiration and vision. Without further ado, our word for 2016 is…

photography community, goals, business, fellowship

This is one of the things we are most excited about and what drives us to improve, connect and be the best program possible. We are a small business and we are incredibly proud of that. We believe that true growth as a small business owner comes from community, collaboration and personal relationships. As a small business, we have the honor of creating valuable relationships with our customers. We want to continue to build up a community of photographers that can collaborate and support one another to help them reach their goals and be successful.

So how exactly are we going to do that?

-We hope to continue sharing other businesses that believe in the same ideals that we do. Businesses that can help photographers by providing tools to help them succeed and that we believe hold similar values.

-We will continue to open up dialogue on business topics within our social media, blog, and Facebook user group.

-We will be visiting conferences across the country throughout the year to connect with photographers on a personal level. The best part about conferences is having the ability to meet new people, learn about their businesses, and talk about how we can help them grow as a small business owner. We can’t wait to attend WPPI, The Reset Conference, The PUSH Conference and more!

-We will continue to listen to you. If you’re already using Iris Works, you know that our founder, Meredith Gradle, asks constantly for feedback. We want this to always be a photographer built platform, which is why we seek input and feedback from our users frequently. In 2016, much of the feedback we received in 2015 will be further reviewed and some things will be implemented.

It’s a big word – community. But we’re excited to take it to the next level in the coming year and continue to grow our community and create a space for photographers to succeed.


What’s your word for 2016? We’d love to hear it! Head over to our Facebook page and share it with us!



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