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1. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from, how long have you been in the industry and when did you start Freedom Edits?

We’re from Cardiff in Wales and we’ve been wedding photographers since 2011. In 2012 we shot 12 weddings but didn’t feel like we could really push the business to where we wanted to be due to the amount of culling, editing (it didn’t help we were super slow), album design, changes, album ordering and trying to make a bit of extra cash via sales through our proofing galleries. That year, we took the plunge and vowed to never edit a single image ever again! We also streamlined our whole business and became pretty time rich, it allowed us to leverage it and expand the business and 5 years later we’re now shooting 125 weddings this year and the business supports 3 full time photographers and two videographers.

There was one problem that we found the whole way through the outsourcing process. We were receiving inconsistent images, poor customer service and no-one to chat to when there was an issue. Slow turnarounds and just a whole negative shady vibe to the companies we used. Granted, we didn’t use all the companies but we went through a lot!

We’d amassed a large portfolio of software we used to help streamline the business, endless log in details and time flicking back and forth all of them, importing, exporting, the works! So, we sat down and thought of ways we could change the situation… In house editor? Too much work for one person and we definitely couldn’t afford two! So, we set to work on Freedom Edits, over the next year we interviewed countless other photographers from all corners of the globe who had the same issues to get their input, interviewed and hired an all-star team of in-house editors and account handlers and the rest is history! Freedom was born in June 2016, a way to outsource your whole post processing workflow. Culling, Editing, Uploading to your proofing gallery, designing an album, conversing with your client and making the necessary changes. Just shoot a wedding, and receive back a finished catalogue of images, a fully designed album and a proofing gallery of images all ready to send to your client!

Shoot 25 weddings per year? Freedom can save you 34,560 minutes, 576 Hours or 72 working days a year! Pretty cool, Huh?

2. What is the mission behind your business? 

Our mission as a business and as individuals, is to empower photographers to build the business of their dreams, spend more time with their families and just do whatever the hell they want. Because who becomes a photographer to be chained to a desk. The best thing everyday is seeing our family (team) come in to the office and really deliver on our promise, everyone in the organization is dedicated to our cause and thats a beautiful thing.

3. What is the biggest benefit that your company provides to photographers and sets you apart?

With Freedom Edits you benefit from 24/7 support, a dedicated account handler who is at the end of a phone call, email or webcam whenever you need them. 3-5 day turnarounds mean you can deliver your images back to your clients in super quick time, because who doesn’t love a happy client!

When you sign up, you jump on a Skype call with your account handler who manages a close knit team of 3 editors, these guys are the only ones to ever touch your work, meaning consistency is always bang on! On your skype call, you’ll get to know your account handler/new best friend and they’ll get to know everything about you and your business and how we can better service you, we’re constantly adapting what we do to better help our clients. You’ll then share your screen and show us how you edit, this makes the whole on boarding process way quicker and far more accurate!

4. What is your favorite thing about working with small business owners? 

We work with businesses big and small, from one guy or gal teams to huge studio operations with tonnes of associates. My favourite thing about working with these guys is watching them grow, in the short time we’ve been operating we’ve helped people build bigger businesses, go on holidays, spend time with their kids and even start homeschooling them. Check out Christines story (

5. What is your top tip for photographers?

My biggest tip for photographers is to take a day, sit down and map out where you want to be. Just take that time and think, shoot for the stars. Wake up the next day and go get it!

6. Any big plans for the future for Freedom Edits? 

We have a huge amount of development plans some of which are very much under wraps for now…. but we’re also planning on integrating with only the best galleries and studio management softwares to really streamline in to the max. Cue confetti canons.

7. What’s the best way for a photographer to get started with Freedom Edits?

If you want to get started with freedom, just head to our site ( and drop us a message, theres tonnes of incredible resources on the blog ( to help streamline your business in every way possible.


Sign up for free 30 day trial with Iris Works and let us help handle the business side so you can get back to doing what you truly love!



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