Iris new and improved online booking links just got EVEN BETTER: contracting and invoicing are now fully integrated with booking!

We’ve combined all of the steps to give your clients a seamless booking process! You will now have the option to require your clients to sign a contract and/or pay an invoice prior to them reserving a spot on your calendar. Check out the new and improved online booking!

When you create or edit a booking calendar, you will now see the options to toggle on the contract or invoice feature. You’ll then grab a contract and/or invoice template from the drop-down and you’ll be all set. 

(Note: you must have a stored contract with signature and a stored invoice template to do this. You can find quick links to help you with both by clicking here for our YouTube channel!) 

A few FAQS:

Will I be notified when contracts have been signed, invoices have paid and bookings have been completed?

You will receive notifications as normal once a contract has been signed and/or an invoice has been paid. Your clients will be notified via a confirmation screen once their selection has been confirmed. 

Can I include the enhanced booking links as part of a workflow?

Absolutely. You would include a booking link as part of a workflow as normal.

How do I upload and sign a contract?

We’ve made it easy: check out this short video outlining how to create and sign a contract.

How do I create an invoice template?

Creating invoice templates is a great way to make your process more efficient. Take a look at this easy video to show you exactly how it works!

Can I apply this feature to existing booking calendars?

Absolutely. You’ll simply edit the calendar to include the appropriate contract and invoice template! You can always click the purple Intercom icon within Iris for help.

How much does it cost to upgrade to booking?

Upgrading to booking is an additional $7.25 per month when you pay annually and take advantage of a 15% discount. A monthly billing plan will cost you $10 per month more than our basic plan.

I’m currently in a trial, will I be able to continue using booking once my trial is over?

Absolutely! You’ll just select the booking option when you’re ready to subscribe.

Ready to get started and see how Iris can help your business get organized? The new and improved online booking feature is included in your FREE 14-day trial and our team is here to help! Today is a great day to change the game and start delivering an amazing experience to your clients.



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