Do you need a lawyer to create a contract or can you do it on your own?

So you started your own photography business.  Have you covered all your bases?  How are you going to protect yourself and your business? Do you know how to create a contract for photography services template will help protect you and your business?

You know contracts are important but where do you begin? How do you create one?  Iris Works can help with that!  A common question photographers ask is can you write your own photography contract? In this weeks blog, we will share how to go about writing a photography contract.


Did you know?


If writing your own contract template sounds scary, you aren’t alone.  Many photographers go without contracts because the task of writing a service contract template sounds daunting. We, at Iris Works, are here to help tackle the task of writing your photography contracts!  Did you know that when you subscribe to Iris Works we now offer a free photography contract for all Iris users?  You can edit and redesign the contract template to meet your desired needs.  Can you write your own contract? Absolutely, but like any legal document you should always have a legal professional take a look at your contracts before sending them off to a client. Check out this blog by Rachel Brenke (The Law Tog) about contracts.

How to create your own contract

You can create as many contracts for photography services templates needed with Iris Works.   They are stored digitally and can be accessed at anytime.  Contracts can be created directly in your Iris account or you can copy and paste your contract from another program.  Creating a contract template is that easy.  Need two client signatures? No problem, we have that covered.  You can design and redesign the templates as many times as you need.  

Sign up for Iris Works today for your free photography contract!



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