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This is a guest blog written by Dauss Miller – premier wedding and fashion photographer. Dauss is the owner of Dauss Miller Photography.

Dauss also provides education to photographers that helps support business growth through leveling up the client experience and providing photographers with a community and tools to reach their goals.

Clubhouse? Is it a waste of time? It’s a networking and marketing game changer, that’s what it is! Clubhouse is centered around authentic conversation. The audio-only app consists of virtual rooms where members from all over the world are discussing their thoughts and ideas, sharing their expertise in a particular field or just having a relaxed networking session with no rhyme or reason, the best part? Who cares what you’re wearing or if you did your hair or makeup first!

How does it work?

Users create “rooms” with a “stage” of users that are speaking in the live discussion. The room’s creator can invite other speakers, while anyone listening in can click to raise a hand to request access to the stage. The platform is often equated to a live podcast or a group phone call—of up to 5,000 people. That’s right, 5,000 people!!

Why is it so popular right now?

Photographers have been flocking to it like a camera store’s going out of business sale, sharing their passion and knowledge in their particular photo genre while also embracing the newer info thirsty others. It’s great because the audio-only structure lets you tap into someone’s perspective and how they feel more directly than the alternative, more common ways, such as email. Everyone is also more unguarded compared to the alternative cold call. You can still hear their enthusiasm, their energy, and the cadence in their voice. You can understand a person better by hearing their voice rather than reading text, which is the usual initial contact in building business relationships.


General users can follow topics as well as individuals in order to find rooms with topics of interest to join. Some rooms are for more formal discussions, while others exist just for open discussion. I host regularly scheduled rooms now where people can come listen or hop on stage to get a question answered on the spot by someone versed on the topic. I can fill the stage with expert photographers and business owners that I’ve met and built relationships with solely from the clubhouse app. It’s incredible to witness and interesting to see the wide range of talent that has shown up on the app and how willing they are to talk about their experience and the “how to’s” of arriving to where they are in business to help and inform fellow photographers whatever their stage of growth.

I love the format of Clubhouse because you can sit in a room and passively listen or be as involved as you like. Sometimes I’m in a room just listening while I edit. I have met so many amazing photographers, celebrities, people in the industry and outside of the industry that I never would have had the opportunity to meet in real life because of proximity, or access in general. It makes the world a bit smaller and gives you access to people, and people access to you, in an easy and fresh new way. What you do with it is entirely up to you!

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