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If you are a newborn or maternity photographer, chances are you’ve heard of Ana Brandt! She’s a well renowned photographer with classes on CreativeLive, the creator of The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn (TAoPaN for short) an online resource and community for photographers, and coordinator and creator of the upcoming Belly, Baby, and Beyond Conference this May in California! Here’s a little interview with Ana:

1) How did you first get started in the industry? How many years have you been a photographer?

I became a pro in 1999 – this year is my 18th year.

I had been shooting as an amateur for over 10 years before I became Pro. I was “Aunt Ana” with a camera.

2) What made you want to specialize in newborn and maternity photography?

I started day one in this specialty because it was what I connected to the most. I am an adopted child and I do not have any newborn photos, or pictures of my biological Mother. This was just always my focus because I craved it so much for my own visual history. (It took me years to realize this)

3) What has changed in your business since using Iris Works? Do you have a favorite feature?

I feel more organized! Our other systems were just clunky! I am still testing everything, but I like that I can marry it with my calendar and see my appointments on my phone!

4) What are your future goals for your business? What are you looking forward to next?

So many! I travel a lot, so I want to continue traveling and work on writing a few books. I also want to compete more. I am look forward to our International travel this summer after the conference!

5) We know you’re passionate about teaching and education in the industry and know that you’ve decided to put together a conference. Tell us a little more about Belly, Baby, and Beyond! What are you most excited about with this conference?

The BBB Conference is a collaboration with 25 speakers. I wanted to bring together new and old speakers together in a comfortable relaxed environment. I wanted childcare available for those working Moms, and provide a positive teaching platform in which we can all just inspire and enjoy the California sun. I of course wanted to gather my favorite vendors, because who doesn’t love prop shopping?! We have people coming from all over the US and some from other Countries for this 3 day weekend.This event is for anyone of any level who loves photography! My hope is that we can relax, have fun and learn amazing new ways to run our Business. After working for 18 years and teaching for 10, one thing I know for sure is that we need to always continue to educate and inspire ourselves because it is what fuels the soul!

To see more info about the Belly Baby and Beyond conference, click here or on the image below:

Check out more of Ana’s work here:

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