Snapchat vs Instagram Stories – Which Should You Use for Your Business?

The social media game can be a tough one to keep up with. With so many different platforms out there, how do you know where is best to invest your time for your business? Especially when you have two that are as similar as Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

So which one is going to bring more benefit to your business? Let’s compare the similarities and differences between the two:

  • Both Snapchat and Instagram only allow their stories to be posted for a day, so it’s more liberating as the poster because your story content is only out in the universe for a short amount of time.
  • However, Instagram also retains the permanent feed for photos and videos that you post separate from your stories, giving your viewers content to look through.
  • With Snapchat, you can also choose to share it on a public story or only send it to a designated list of people. So while it isn’t live per se, it’s still a more candid social app.
  • Snapchat offers minimal editing but also has the fun filters and location graphics to add to your posts. Instagram is limited on filters, but you can add text to your Story photos and videos.
  • It’s easier and looks more seamless to add photos from your phone to Instagram stories versus Snapchat.
  • Instagram has a profile section on their permanent feed for viewers to be directed to your website. Snapchat’s profile doesn’t allow you to add much.

While both are a great way to show the “behind the scenes” of your business, if I were to invest more time in one platform over the other for your business it would be Instagram. Especially if you already have a following on your business profile. It would be easiest to keep everything in one place. Snapchat is certainly more fun in the features that it offers, so you can save snapchat for more relaxed posts that allows people to get to know you more, not necessarily your business. Or you can always reserve snapchat just for family and friends!

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