5 Lightroom Presets to Speed Up Your Workflow

Presets are a great way to speed up your processing workflow. You can create your own or use ones created by others. They also give your images a great base for a definitive style. There are a lot of Lightroom presets available and we’ve created a list of five great sources where you can buy them!

DVLOP – With industry names such as Sam Hurd, Jeff Newson,, Fer Juaristi, and more… these lightroom presets not only help speed up workflows and spur your creativity. These have been tested many times over to work seamlessly with your camera’s profile.

Presets // Learn More

Mastin Labs – The Mastin Labs goal is to bridge film’s past with its digital future.

“We educate and inspire people to shoot film while preserving the look of beloved films before they’re extinct. Our presets ensure the richness, character, and timelessness of real film lives on in digital photography.”

Presets // Website

Sarah-Beth Photography Shop – These Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions from Sarah Hill are just enough to give your photos that little something extra!

Lightroom Presets // Photoshop Actions

Colorvale“We designed our presets with functionality in mind, so they fit all photographers and all photos. Simply adjust the exposure after you select your favorite preset. Done, did, deal!”

Presets // Website

VSCO – “VSCO Presets for Desktop is a powerful collection of film and mobile emulation tools that work within Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to deliver beautiful results and a streamlined workflow through simple presets and custom profiles.”

Presets // Website

What are your favorite presets to use in your post processing? 

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