5 Blog Topics for Attracting Your Ideal Photography Clients

Blogging. Most photographers have a love-hate relationship with their blog. We all know we should be doing it consistently for SEO. However, it’s very common for photographers to only use their blogs to post their latest sessions for potential clients to see. What most don’t realize is that they are missing out on a huge opportunity to create content to educate their clients. Plus you can use topics like these to fill in times where you may not have as many sessions to blog.

So what should you be blogging about? Think about your current clients/future clients and what your goal is. If you are trying to find your ideal client, what can you blog so they are more connected to you? Maybe you want them to understand the value of their sessions? If you’re trying to increase your sales, how can you tell them the value of printing their photos or share what you offer? Here are five blog topics for your clients that you can easily write about today:

1 What You Strive to Capture During A Session – What do you focus on during the session? What do you love to photograph? What types of photos make your heart sing? This a great way to set expectations of what your focus is during the session and what type of photos they can expect in their galleries.

2 Tips for What to Wear to Your Session – What do you think works best for the types of sessions you shoot? Favorite places to find outfits? Favorite tips? Include a few photos of clients that had great clothing choices and that were in line with the tips you provide. This will help give to help give future clients ideas and great visuals.

3 Location Location… Where I Love to Photograph Sessions – Use this as a way to educate clients about the types of spots you scout to use for sessions. Do you love urban locations, but not the tourist spots? Give them different examples of nature spots – overgrown fields vs manicured gardens? Post favorite photos so they can see examples of what these types of locations will look like. If you are moving more toward photographing in your studio or doing lifestyle sessions, share recent images and why you love photographing in those spaces.

4 Value Your Photographs Now – Stress to clients the importance of NOW. Don’t wait to get your photos printed. Don’t put off family photos for another year, and miss this stage of your kids’ lives. Tell them the importance of making sure you get in the photos and document your life. Build up the value so your clients will know the value and want to return to update their photos year after year.

5 Stunning New Products to Display Your Photos – Use this as a chance to post up example photos of new products you’re offering to your clients! What’s the trend for displaying photos right now? What makes the product so great versus what I can get off Shutterfly? What is it made out of? Why do you love canvas versus albums?

This is a jumping off point! And each one of these can be broken down into smaller, more specific posts so that you have more content to blog about. The more that you are posting about these types of topics and sharing them on social media, the more likely you are to attract clients who value what you do.

Have you blogged about these types of topics? What did your clients love reading?

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