12 Days of Updates

12 Days

Happy holidays from the Iris Works team! To get into the holiday spirit, we’re launching 12 Days of Updates. Every day we’ll be releasing a new feature to save you even more time and keep you organized. Find out what new update we’re revealing each day through this live blog!

For 12 Days of Updates, we're releasing tips on invoices

12 Days of Updates from Iris Works

Dec 1- Tips on Invoices

Our first reveal is: Tips on invoices for Square users! The option to include a tip field on invoices is now available for Square users. This option can be managed in your Studio settings. By toggling this option on, your clients will have the ability to add a tip to their payment if they wish to do so.

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workflow timeline

Dec 2- Workflow Timeline

This new tab is located in the Client’s Profile and gives you a visual ‘timeline’ of where the client is in your workflow. This will help you visually see what’s been done and what’s coming next in your session workflow.

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photography session tallies

Dec 3- Session Tallies

You can now see where you spend most of your shooting time. We’ll display a tally of the top 3-5 sessions per month at the top of the Calendar page. This tells you at a high level what is in most demand, and where you are spending the majority of your time.

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edit/send option in workflows

Dec 4- Edit/Send Emails

Have you ever wanted to make special notes or adjustments to a workflow email before sending it? With our new option in workflows- Edit & Send- Iris Works will prompt you when it’s time to send the email, instead of sending it automatically. When you log into your account, Iris will cue up the email message to your client. You’ll have the ability to edit the content and approve the message before you send it!

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custom email messaging for invoices

Dec 7- Custom Email Message for Invoices

When sending an invoice (not as part of a workflow), you can create your own standard message. This will replace the standard language that is currently used for all invoices and let you add more personalization!

after session booked trigger on workflows

Dec 8- After Session Booked Trigger

This workflow feature allows you to send emails or create a to-do list after a session is booked. Once a session is added to your calendar, you have the option to personalize what gets sent out to your clients.

payment schedules

Dec 9- Payment Schedules on Invoice Templates

Automate your entire invoice process using workflows- even when allowing for multiple payments! You can now add payment schedules on invoice templates in addition to manually creating and sending them. Just another way Iris saves you time and keeps you organized.

referred by field

Dec 10- Referred By Field for Lead Pages and Client Profiles

Find out where your clients are coming from. With this feature, you can add the “referred by” field to lead pages or add it to a questionnaire. It will then pop up in your Client Profile, letting you easily track who referred each client.

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weekly digest email

Dec 11- Weekly Digest Email

Every Sunday we’ll send you an email recapping your revenue for the week and highlighting your next sessions, To-Do’s and invoices for the upcoming week. Now you can feel more organized than ever for your week’s tasks.

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Add a studio signature to your Iris emails!

Dec 14- Studio Email Signature (last and final 12 days of updates)

Your studio branding + Iris automation? Sign us up! Personalize your client communications by adding your studio email signature to your Iris emails.

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