Using a Facebook group to grow and nurture your client base.

Facebook groups can be an untapped resource for small businesses in the social media world. You can use theme to create a community among your clients and help nurture that relationship in an entirely different space. Let’s face it – our Facebook business pages are getting harder and harder to be seen without paying for advertising. But with Facebook groups, you have a greater chance of getting in potential clients’ news feeds AND you can give them the feeling of being in an exclusive group. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create your Facebook group.
  • Add past and present clients. If there are potential future clients, you should add them, too. You might encourage people to stay by doing a giveaway for group members only. (Don’t forget to share the giveaway on your Facebook pages and other social media to drive traffic to your group.
  • Start sharing about your business with recent sessions, upcoming specials, openings, referral reminders, behind-the-scenes moments, and testimonials. Anything you can to provide education and get clients excited for their shoot with you is great.
  • Encourage your members to invite their friends.

If you’re really wanting to maximize your engagement in the group, here are three ideas to try out:

First Dibs. Let your Facebook group get access to booking with you or booking specials before anyone else. For example, if you need to fill up your calendar you can offer “Book by X date and get a $50 print credit” Or if you are wanting new clients, you can run a referral special: “It’s refer a friend month: when you send your friend to our studio, you’ll not only receive $50 towards your next session, but your friend will receive $50 off of their session!”

Do live videos. Facebook LOVES video content and this will help increase your visibility with potential clients. Some behind-the-scenes footage would work great. Who doesn’t love to get a sneak peeks? Plus, you can show what it will be like to work with you. You can also use it as a chance to show off new products if you have a client order that comes in. It’s an opportunity to  show what you want clients to buy without being too sales-y.

Share content. Even if it’s a small post of tips before a session that you pull from your Welcome Guide that you send out, clients will feel engaged. You can also share a before and after of how you edit a photo. Don’t forget to showcase recent blog posts to drive traffic to your website. These are small ways that you can help remind your existing clients of how much fun they had while educating potential clients in a whole new way.



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