The great photographer pricing debate

The decision about whether or not to share your pricing online is a hot topic in the photography industry. You could ask twenty photographers and get twenty answers. Every workshop offers a different strategy. There are endless articles online defending one argument or the other.

It often comes down to whether it is a priority to be completely transparent with your potential clients, or is your goal to require them to contact you to start the conversation. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Here are are few things to consider:


  • Your transparency can help build trust with your clients. 
  • You’ll save time going back and forth with initial questions.
  • Your clients will understand that prices aren’t negotiable.
  • You can sticker shock and subsequent ghosting.
  • BONUS: You’ll be reminded of your own value and remain confident in your pricing.


  • Your prices may be seen as negotiable to potential clients.
  • You may experience some sticker shock once you share your pricing.
  • Your client may think that no pricing is a red flag for quality.
  • You’ll spend more time with potential clients that are simply price shopping.
  • BONUS: You’ll miss the chance to add value and build connections.

And if you do list your prices, it can look different for everyone. Tell us how it works best for you and your business. Hop over to our Facebook group and cast your vote!



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