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3 Reasons to Use an Accounting System

We tend to do it to ourselves. We wait until the last minute, and tax time gives us a swift kick to the gut every time. But why? As a photographer and business owner, a simple spreadsheet may seem just that – simple. But in reality, we waste more time than we’d like to admit…

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Why You Should Be Using a Welcome Packet

Welcome packet, how many of you out there are using them? It might seem like a daunting text to put together, but the benefits of creating them for your clients is too much to ignore. Whether you host them digitally or print them, they can be an amazing marketing tool for your business! Here are our…

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Reader Favorites: Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017

Can you believe it’s the end of 2017 already? We thought it would be fun to go through and see which blog posts you loved the most this year. Check out this list of helpful business blog posts, and see if there are any that you missed reading! 30 Questions to Include in Your Wedding…

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Capturing Christmas Lights

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to play with capturing pretty bokeh from lights! One question I get from friends and family this time of year is how to get the Christmas lights background effect. Here’s a simple breakdown of what you need to do! First step is to set your camera in manual. If…

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Three Reasons to Use a Retainer for your Photography Business

Show of hands, or rather show of comments below – how many of you have had a portrait client cancel on you? Everyone, right? And how many of you who had that client cancel didn’t collect a retainer? Unfortunately we hear too often that photographers aren’t collecting retainers for their portrait sessions. And when a…

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Managing Client Expectations

One of the biggest struggles a small business owner can have is when a client expectation isn’t met and they are upset. It’s the one thing that you hope doesn’t happen and dread when it does. A lot of times, these issues arise because of a lack of communication and the best way to avoid…

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Make Your Website Standout from the Competition

website, photography, standout, competition

A client gives your business card to a friend and tells them to check you out. They go online, google your name, and up pops your website. What are they going to see? If you are one of those photographers who cringed at that thought or hasn’t updated their our website in awhile, it’s time…

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How Should You Photograph the American Flag

american flag photography, photography tips

This is a guest blog post from Tiffany Stoner, co-owner of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, regarding the importance of flag code and photography. Given the significance of Independence Day, it couldn’t be a better day for flag education. As the wife of a soldier that has been in the military for 28 years, I believe many…

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Getting started in flash photography Part 1

flash photography

Getting started in flash photography can be a little intimidating for some photographers. However it can add such a dynamic look to your images and frees you up from the limitations of only working with the light within a space. Today we’re starting a series today to break down the ins and outs of getting…

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7 Tips to Have Successful Mini Sessions

MINI SESSION, photography, fall, portrait, holiday, marketing

The fall and holiday season is a very popular time to have mini sessions for clients. You can give previous clients a chance to get quick updated photos and give new clients a chance to book at a special rate. While they can be a great marketing tool, they are a LOT of work! Here is our…

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