Why You Should Be Using Iris Works and Quickbooks

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You may have heard the good news that we recently rolled out the initial phase of our Quickbooks integration! Now you can push your Iris Works invoices right into your Quickbooks Online account, including customer information, invoice details and sales tax information. If you’re not already using Quickbooks Online, this is one thing we HIGHLY recommend small business owners to do. Here are our reasons why:

  1. Easily track your income – Especially if you are an Iris user, you can send your invoices to Quickbooks and keep track of all your income throughout the year. You’ll have an better idea of how much you are making month to month. And if you are a business that has to send in monthly estimated taxes, you can easily calculate what you need to pay based on how much you’ve made.
  2. Keep track of expenses – Once you link your business banking account, you can categorize your expenses and keep track of how much you’re spending. This makes it easier to see if you’re on track to earning a good profit with your business.
  3. Taxes – This is one of the biggest areas where Quickbooks is going to save you time, and save you from a migraine. Putting together your end of the year reports for taxes is no longer a week long battle. Easily print off the reports you need, generate 1099s, calculate yearly or monthly sales tax, and more. It’s going to save you so much time at the end of the year if you stay consistent with it. (And your accountant will love you for it!)

There’s a slight learning curve, but once you get started in Quickbooks Online, it’s going to make your life so much easier when it comes to your business accounting!

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  1. jeannie

    I am trying to export my contacts from Quickbooks online into Iris and it isn’t working. I have converted it from an xls file to a csv file before importing. Any ideas?

    • Megan Sullivan

      Hey Jeannie! If you want to send in a support ticket, we can take a look for you! It might be that the column names at the top aren’t correct in the csv file you’re uploading.


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