New year, new you: four easy ways to push yourself in 2020

It’s hard to believe, but the calendar is about to turn. Resolutions can be tricky, but it really is a good time to come up with a few things you are going to hold yourself accountable to for your business in 2020. Here are a few simple ideas to get the wheels turning on how to make your business better in the new year.

(Re)connect with a vendor you love.

Who do you want to work with this year? Send them a New Year’s card with some times that will work for a January coffee. Talk about your goals for the new year and inspire one another. Get yourself connected with the people you WANT to work with and keep it up all year long!

Take a risk.

Let this be the year that you stop playing it safe. What have you been wanting to try? Do it. Lean into the apprehension and let it motivate you to get outside of your comfort zone. Share your goals for the universe and don’t stop until they’ve happened.

Find some grace.

There will always be someone better/cooler/faster/pricier than you. Let it go. The only person that you need to compete with in 2020 is last year’s version of yourself. Say NO to project that don’t inspire you and say YES to projects that have you shaking in your boots. Remember when you scheduled your first shoot? Terrifying, right? Well, look at you now. You’ve got this. Stop standing in your own way.

Get organized.

Lastly, figure out your weaknesses and make a list of solutions for each one. We put together a guide full of resources for managing your editing overflow, blogging more efficiently, protecting your business, increasing your revenue with gallery sales and more! You can download it for free HERE

Make 2020 the year that you set yourself up to succeed. Ready to make your business better? Let us help. A FREE 14-DAY TRIAL of Iris is waiting for you. Click HERE to get started.



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