How to Get Photography Clients Like a Pro

Struggling to bring in clients and book clients?  We have all been there!  Starting a photography business has  challenges but no one tells you that maintaining a photography business is equally as challenging.  With some many avenues out there to reach potential clients, what is the best way?  Is there one way that is better than others? Do you follow current trends or do you forge your own path?  In this weeks blog, we will dive deeper into attracting and booking your ideal client.

Use More Than One Method to Reach Your Clients

It is important to diversify how you are targeting your potential clients. You shouldn’t put all your efforts into one place. For example – you don’t want to rely only on social media as your sole source for attracting clients. We’ve all seen it happen – Facebook and Instagram go down for a while day or be glitchy. During that time you could have missed out on a potential client. We recommend spending time in these three areas to attract your potential clients and reach your current client base:

– website / SEO
email marketing (Iris now offers a built-in Email Marketing Tool!)
– social media

Offer Online Booking

Making it easier for clients to book with you can increase your bookings. Having an easily accessible and streamlined process for clients to see your availability and schedule their session means you will be able to land more clients and not miss out due to slow response times or losing clients in the shuffle of the back and forth emails to book the old way. Check our blog here to see why online booking can be a game changer for your business


Referral Program

Small businesses thrive on word of mouth referrals. One referral from each client will double your photography business growth. Referrals are essential to any growing business because they are pre-qualified clients and are far more likely to meet your definition of “ideal. They also have a lower aquistion cost and they are likely to be repeat clients. Learn more about designing a referral program for your business here.

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