How Much Should a New Photographer Charge?

How do you know where to begin when you’re first starting your photography business? Determining how much to charge when you’re just getting up and running is a tough one. So we asked around and came up with three tips to help you determine what you should charge.

  1. Seriously evaluate your work. We all love to think we are fantastic and worth a lot when it comes to our photography. The truth is, we all start somewhere, and most of the time when you’re a beginner your work reflects that. That’s OK – we all start somewhere. But take some time to critique your own work, ask for constructive criticism, and (dare we say it) compare your work to others. This may help you determine a range of pricing for your level of skill.
  2. Do some market research. There is a definite market factor when it comes to pricing your photography. You need to conduct some research and see what the range of prices for your area shows. You may want to start at $400 for a portrait session, but with some research realize that’s way too high for your particular market. Doing a little digging will help you determine what the value is for your market, and avoid pricing yourself way too low or too high.
  3. Go with your gut.  This was the best piece of advice we received. Dig deep and think about what you feel you’re worth as a beginner photographer. Don’t under-value yourself and charge only $25 – you’re a professional (or you’re on your way to being a pro), so you need to value yourself. But also remember, it’s not likely anyone will be willing to pay you top dollar when you’re just getting going. So trust your gut and come up with a happy medium. Remember, you can always adjust your prices as your skill and expertise develops.


How much did you charge for your first session??



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