How to Create Heart Shaped Bokeh

Since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share a tutorial on how to get heart shaped bokeh in your images! It’s quick, easy to make and produces some really fun images.

What you need:

Lens that has a wide aperture like the 50mm 1.4 or 1.8
Black Paper
Scissors, Xacto Knife & Tape

image found via pinterest


How To:

  1. Cut your sheet to make two parts of a cover for your lens – one skinny strip to fit the circumference of the lens, and a circle that is the same diameter of the lens.
  2.  In the middle of your piece of circle paper, cut out a heart. Keep it relatively small, around 15mm.
  3. Tape your skinny strip to fit the outside of your lens. Then tape the circle to your paper ring you created. This should fit right over the front of your lens. (And you won’t have to tape anything to your lens)
  4. Set your camera to its lowest aperture. I like to leave my camera in manual focus so that I can blur things in the background like lights, trees, texture items, etc. This is what will produce the bokeh.


Have you ever used tried to create shapes with bokeh? Show us your images by tagging us on Instagram @iris_works!

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