Four ways to get your photography business started.

Getting a Photography Business Started

“Let’s embark on getting a photography business started,” you announce. Should anyone assert that this venture is a walk in the park, it’s advisable to treat their words with a healthy dose of skepticism. The truth is, it’s far from easy.  Each path isn’t strewn with glamour. On the contrary, it demands rigorous effort. Yet, when navigated appropriately, it’s unquestionably rewarding and wholly worth it. So, are you braced and prepared to kick-start your journey into the realm of professional photography?

But you’re going to rock it. And we’re here to help. Here are four ways to get yourself started:

Develop a compelling business plan

Regardless of you being the sole operator, it’s crucial to formalize your business objectives. Embrace the need for structure—it will rapidly become indispensable. Understand your desired market position and chart your path to profitability. Comprehending HOW you’ll operate your business is as vital as setting up your website and stocking your camera bag with equipment.

Identify your business structure

Conduct research to comprehend the advantages and drawbacks of different business structures such as a sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership. Now is the ideal time to consult a lawyer to ensure your protection as you initiate your business. Local photography groups can be excellent resources for finding a legal expert specializing in small business law.

Officialize your business

The process of setting up your business legally may vary by state, but the appropriate paperwork is essential. Refer to your state’s Secretary of State website for guidance on getting started. You’ll need a business license and should familiarize yourself with how to register your business to manage any required sales tax collection.

Protect yourself

Firstly, seek advice from a proficient lawyer who can actively help you draft essential contracts or agreements that pertain to your business. Following that, it becomes paramount for you to put together basic service agreements tailored to each photography service you plan on providing. Next, consider the prudent move of investing in business insurance. In addition to that, reach out to your insurance agent. This way, you can verify first-hand that your equipment enjoys adequate coverage and that you hold sufficient liability insurance, thus providing yourself a necessary shield of protection.

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