Favorite Baby and Newborn Photography Prop Vendors

Whether you are just starting out in newborn photography or you are a well seasoned pro – you will definitely want to check out this list of our favorite prop vendors! From tiebacks, to outfits, to backdrops – there are so many newborn and baby photography prop vendors out there to pick from.

If you are new to newborn photography, we recommend starting with a few simple props and colors as you start to build up your portfolio. Pick a few neutral wraps, tiebacks and bonnets to work with. After that, you can begin building your stash of beautiful props!

We’ve complied a list of favorites based to help you get started!

newborn portrait with props
Image by Megan Nicole Photography LLC // Tieback in use from Poppy and Cy


Tiebacks and headbands are a staple for your baby girl sessions! New parents just go gaga over these for their babies. Try to find vendors whose tiebacks are adjustable and fit newborn through toddler head sizes so you can get more use of them beyond your newborn sessions! Here are some favorite tieback vendors:

Indy Cottage Prop Shop

Carly, who owns Indy Cottage, is just the sweetest! Her headbands, tiebacks and halos are just stunning and she offers a great variety of options. Indy Cottage also has every day bow tieback/headbands for more simplistic look. If you plan on buying from her often, she has a Headband Club where you can purchase a membership for the year and get 50% off your tiebacks/headbands! How cool is that?


Facebook Group – The Indy Cottage Prop Shop VIP Group

Poppy & Cy

Poppy and Cy offers organic, vintage, and nature-inspired tiebacks/headbands. You can check out her Ready to Ship options on her shop, but we recommend joining her Facebook group to get updates on shop releases for restocks and limited edition releases! They sell fast!


Facebook Group – Poppy & Cy VIP

newborn photography prop
newborn photography prop

Images by Ivy Lane Portraits // backdrops and tiebacks in use from Indy Cottage Prop Shop

Posing Fabrics and Wraps

If you offer posed newborn sessions, posing fabrics and wraps help offer a variety of colors and textures to your sessions. Posing fabrics are used on your beanbag or table as a backdrop for posing the baby on. Wraps can be used to swaddle baby, layer in props, or create texture in your set ups. Check out these awesome vendors:

Indy Cottage Prop Shop

Not only does Indy Cottage have tiebacks – but you can also purchase posing fabrics and matching wraps there too!


Facebook Group – The Indy Cottage Prop Shop VIP Group

Hello Little Props

Hello Little Props has a huge variety of colors and textures for posing fabrics and wraps. They have shop updates every Monday at 3:00 PM CST – where you can often find restocks of favorites or new colors/textures released!


Facebook Group – Hello Little Props and Friends

Home Sewn Photography Props

Leah, who owns Home Sewn, has created a super unique and innovative wrap for newborn photographers! Getting variety can be hard if baby is fussy or if you’re just not confident in your wrapping skills. Be sure to check out the TuckWraps and Barrel & Loop wrap sets offered at Home Sewn – which allow you to easily wrap baby and change up looks without even moving baby.


Facebook Group – Home Sewn Photography Props

newborn photography prop

Image by L. Severson Portraits // TuckWrap in use from Home Sewn Photography Props

Backdrops / Floor Mats

A great way to bring variety to your studio, especially if you have a smaller studio, is using backdrops and floor mats to help you create different backgrounds for your set ups. These shops offer some great options for transforming your studio space into different vibes and scenes!

Rozzi Rayne

This shop offers a variety of studio props, but are most known for their amazing wood floor mats!


Facebook Group – Rozzie Rayne Studio Props VIP Group

Fancy Fabric & Props

They have some of the best high quality printed backdrops! Their shop has a huge variety of seasonal drops, scenes, and styles. Perfect option for your cake smash sessions to save you some time when creating your sets.


Facebook Group – Fancy Fabric & Props – Group Page

Baby Dream Backdrops

Another amazing vendor for high quality printed backdrops! Their fine art backdrops are dreamy and can even be used for maternity portraits.


Facebook Group – Baby Dream Backdrop News

Image by Tiffany Bergamino Photography // Bamboo prop in use from Luneberry



Luneberry is definitely a favorite photographers who use flokatis in their newborn and baby sessions. They also have some beautiful bamboo props!


Facebook Group – Luneberry – Premium Flokati, quality photography props

The Original Photoblocks Props

So many great options for props at The Original Photoblocks! They have wood bowls, bamboo props, floral props to add to your set ups, backdrops and layers. 


baby portrait with floral halo and boutique outfit

Image by Megan Nicole Photography LLC // Halo in use from Indy Cottage Prop Shop // Outfit in use from Cora and Violet // wood floor mats in use from Rozzi Rayne


Mia Joy Studio

Heirloom inspired outfits for newborns and babies to give your photos that vintage vibe.


Facebook Group – Mia Joy Coterie. Newborn & Baby Props

Cora and Violet

Cora and Violet offers vintage inspired handmade outfits for newborns and babies.


Facebook Group – Cora and Violet Family

Willow Mint Props

Willow Mint Props is a shop that caters to those that love earth friendly products for babies and moms. So many cute outfits for newborns and sitters!


Facebook Group – Willow Mint Props Vip Group

These are just a few favorites – there are so many amazing vendors out there! What prop vendors you love most? Share your favorites in the comments!

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