Business Success Solution – An Interview with Loren Fogelman

We’ve heard from so many of you the struggles that you have with tackling the business side of being a photographer. Today on the blog we’ve interviewed Loren Fogelman of Business Success Solution who works with photographers just like you to grow their business and take it to the next level.

The Business Success Solution

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from, how long have you been in the industry and when did you start your coaching business?

 Things rarely turn out as planned. I started out as a therapist with a photography hobby. When my husband, Steve, and I started a family I became a stay at home mom. During that time I returned to school pursuing a BFA in photography and had the privilege of studying with John Szarkowski, the former Director of Photography for New York’s MOMA. This led to a photography business, specializing in birthing photography and female nude portraiture.  

Moving from Miami, Florida to Ashland, Oregon once again altered my course. Steve and I bought a counseling agency where he needed my assistance. Juggling a therapy practice, building a new photography business and family responsibilities became too much for me. So I made the difficult decision to retire my camera. 

I mourned that decision for several years. Until it dawned on me that my creative aspect comes through in the work that I do with my clients. After working side by side with Steve in our counseling agency for 12 years, it was time for me to move on. In 2008 I transitioned from therapy to business coaching. Now I get to emphasize the possibilities instead of dwelling on the problem. I love helping entrepreneurs build a business which supports their lifestyle.    

2. I know that you have worked with photographers to help them increase their income. What kind of services does do you offer? 

The range goes from free to fee. The freebies include my free book, Get Paid What Your Worth, blog posts, trainings, interviews and speaking at events. The photographers who are doing business coaching with me either work with me privately or participate in my mastermind group program. 

The mastermind group is a place for growth minded entrepreneurs to grow their business at a faster rate than doing it independently. It’s like a think tank for your business offering an opportunity to expand ideas, gain insights from other group members, troubleshoot challenges and discuss the real issues business owners secretly face but rarely talk about. 

3. What is the mission behind your business? 

My purpose is based upon a Hebrew term called Tikkun Olam which translates to repairing the world. I’ve devoted my entire professional life to helping high achieving individuals get out of their own way to reach their full potential. As they evolve, and grow their business, their clients benefit from this process. It’s a wave effect. 

The mission is to help photographers build a highly profitable business doing what they love most – which is taking pictures. They discover how to build a business which supports their lifestyle instead of draining their life. In essence, my intention is to show growth minded photographers how to double their income while working half the time. 

4. What is your favorite thing about working with small business owners? 

They are just like me. We’re visionaries, fiercely independent and pursuing something which is deeply meaningful to us. The majority of entrepreneurs I know don’t have, or want, a business plan. That’s because it’s not inspiring. 

We are taking a risk by pursuing something which is not a sure thing. Most people would never walk away from the security of a steady paycheck and benefits to pursue a dream. 

5. What is your top tip for photographers/small business owners?

Success begins with a decision. It’s possible to achieve success on your own. The photographers I work with are experts with a camera, but lack advanced business skills. 

I continue to work with a business coach as well. Since things come up as my business continues growing. Just as your eye, and your way of seeing, continues to improve, your business continues to evolve as well.

Working with a business coach or mentor reduces frustration as new challenges arise, saves you time from having to figure things out yourself and makes you money because you’re growing at a faster rate than if you did it yourself. 


If you are wanting to get started with Loren and learn more about the business success solution, there are  couple ways to dive in:

-Check out her free book Get Paid What You’re Worth that’s available at 

-If you’re interested in exploring working together, Loren offers a complimentary Grow Your Ideal Business Strategy Session. Go to to complete the simple questionnaire to get started.




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