Business Books: Top 5 Must Read Books for Photographers

Many successful business owners will tell you one of the keys to their success is being well read. There are so many great resources out there on how to be successful at your business, marketing strategies, and becoming a great leader. Here is our list of five business books that you should read to help get reenergized as a business owner and take it to the next level:

Start With Why -Simon Sinek You may have seen Simon’s TED talk about finding why you do what you do. (And if you haven’t, GO WATCH NOW.) This book dives even deeper into how great leaders find their WHY – of what inspires them and connects with others.

Tribes -Seth Godin This is a great book about leadership. Being in a society that is super connected by the internet & social media, there’s no better time to find people who believe in what you do and lead a community of followers.

E-Myth Revisited -Michael E Gerber – This is another great book on marketing and why businesses fail. Gerber shows you how businesses can succeed from the lessons of franchising (whether or not your own business is a franchise). He also discusses the difference between working ON your business versus working IN your business.

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie – A book full of intriguing stories and insightful wisdom, Carnegie shares how to create friendships, bring them on your side, and be a great leader. Certainly a great skill to have as a business owner and someone who networks. Warren Buffet calls it “The most successful self-help book of all time.”

Guerilla Marketing -Jay Conrad – This book was first published in 1983 and completely changed how small businesses plan their marketing. This book has been updated with great ideas on how to market and get your name out there with a with little to no expense.

We’re always looking to add to our own pile of books to read, so what are some of your favorite business books you’ve read?

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