Balancing Motherhood and Photography Business

This is a guest blog post from Jenny Leigh Smith of Jenny Leigh Photography regarding balancing motherhood and photography business.

Jenny Leigh is a family and motherhood portrait photographer based out of Calhoun, Georgia. She’s been in the photography business for 5 years and is the mother to three beautiful children. She’s passionate about capturing the raw moments and holding them forever. She aims to give her clients an experience and photos they will cherish forever.

Jenny Leigh headshot

Hi, I am Jenny Leigh from Jenny Leigh Photography. I have been shooting professionally for about 5 years now. I am a mommy of the little one you see as well as two older boys. So, I get the struggle of mixing photography business with motherhood. I specialize in motherhood and family portraiture. It truly holds my heart. When I first started I struggled finding the ideal clients for my brand, my editing style, my workflow to save time, and so much more. So, let’s take you on a journey to how I do things today.

Juggling Both Worlds

Juggling “Mommyin” and photography business can be a struggle so what I have learned works best for me is to have a schedule. Pick days and times you want to invest in your editing, email, social media, learning, etc. This will help you feel less guilty as a mom who loves being a photographer.

Jenny balancing motherhood and photography business

How I Save Time

I have invested in Iris Works and I can feel so secure in knowing that my clients can book themselves and effortlessly pay and sign contracts in minutes with this amazing program. With automated workflows taking care of the rest, allowing me to better use my time working on sessions, edits, or being the best mom.

Photography Tips

Photography has always been a passion for me even as a young child carrying around my Kodak polaroid camera and waving those photos in the air for them to develop. I absolutely love it. I have dabbled in all kinds of photography and it all led my heart back to motherhood and family shoots. They grab my mommy soul and fill it with so much joy. 

My tip for you as a photographer is to know we all start somewhere and we never know it all. No matter how many followers you may have or how often you shoot. Always invest in yourself and grow. Growth is a beautiful thing, as cliche as that sounds, it is true. I have learned what moves me and that is what I strive to shoot.

Family photography from Jenny Leigh Smith Photography
Family portraiture from Jenny Leigh Smith photography

Booking My Ideal Clients

Your ideal client will come! If you post what you want to shoot and share what moves you as an artist this will in turn attract your ideal client and not the clients who will not value your art. Photography is just that- an art, and there are enough clients for each photographer in the industry. You just need to find your vision and bring it to life. Try several different styled shoots and find what makes your heart leap and your eyes gasp. Then you will have your niche and stand out in a crowded industry.

Finding a good program like Iris Works has empowered me as a business owner to be able to juggle motherhood and my photography business to a level I can say I am proud of. It has given me confidence as a photographer to give my clients a very professional look to what I desire to give them from my brand.

So fellow photogs, go out there and chase your dreams and find YOU- your brand and continue to grow every click of the shutter and never forget we all start somewhere. It’s the journey that counts! We all deserve THE SUN, THE MOON, & THE STARS!




motherhood photography from Jenny Leigh Smith Photography
A family photoshoot from Jenny Leigh Smith Photography

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