Ask the Pros: What's your go-to lens?

Nikon, Canon, Sony – the list of amazing DSLR camera brands is incredible. Even more so, the list of amazing lenses to go with them. Our ever-growing list of awesome photographers makes for some great advice. In our on-going Ask The Pros series, we asked our users: What’s your go-to lens?

The Blissful Maven

“I only own one lens and its the 35mm sigma art. best thing ever! it challenges me to get close to my subjects and to be in the moment with them.”

Holli Long Photography

“Toss up between my 85 mm (love the bokeh) and my 35 mm (love it’s story-telling capability).”

Jessica McCoy Photography

“50mm perfect focal length and love shooting wide open or close to it.”

Melissa Avey Photography

“70-200mm vrii 2.8 I know it’s a beast but that range is amazing and although sometimes I do love getting up close .. I love this for weddings because of the range it offers during almost every part of the day.”

Karen Linton Photography

“Sigma 35 1.4. I sold all of my other lenses to buy it, and I’ve never regretted that. I had only one lens for probably a year and a half before purchasing my 100 2.8.”

Joline Cameron Photography

“The Canon 85mm 1.2 is amazing! It’s super sharp, has great bokeh and is so versatile.”

What’s your go-to lens and why? Share below in the comments!



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