All about invoices – automation, cadence, building into workflow, and SQUARE PROCESSING!

Have you ever gotten to a session and realized your client never paid you or worse that you forgot to invoice them completely? Getting paid is essential part of running a business and Iris is here to help.  In this week’s blog we are going to talk all about invoices – automation, cadence, building into workflow, and SQUARE PROCESSING!

Invoice Automation

Did you know that with Iris you can create invoice products and templates in a few easy steps?  Creating invoice templates will help streamline your life.  Invoice templates are designed to save time.   If you use the same products or services over and over again, it is time to set up an invoice template.

Once you have your templates in order, it is time to think about setting up a workflow.  By using invoice templates and workflows , you can automatically send invoices to your client’s right on time.  There won’t be any more second guessing on whether or not you remembered to send an invoice.  You can simply create an invoice template, attach it to an email and then schedule that email to be sent out in your workflow.

Booking Calendar

Are you wanting an even easier way to make sure you get paid?  With Iris + Booking you can require a payment upon booking a session.  This can help avoid the awkward back and forth of trying to collect a deposit by using our invoice feature on our booking calendars.  When you set up your availability, Iris allows you too also require a contract to be signed and an invoice to be paid.  Simply select your invoice template and then your client will not be able to continue until they have paid their invoice.

Benefits of using Square

Using square makes life a lot simpler.  Here, at Iris, Square is our preferred payment processor.  Why Square, you may ask?  Square offers traditional credit card processing, ACH, eGift Cards, Afterpay and you can also enable tips.


  • Afterpay-  AfterPay is a buy now, pay later (or BNPL) option where a customer pays for a purchase over time in installments. As the seller, you are paid upfront! Iris users may enable AfterPay as a payment option through the Iris + Square integration.  You can learn more about afterpay here.  *AfterPay is only currently available for US and Australia customers.
  • eGift Cards – Iris users can now permit their clients to pay for an invoice (or part of an invoice) with a Square eGift Card.Want to learn more about egift cards?  Click Here.
  • Tips – Square users may choose to incorporate a Tip field on all Iris invoices. The Tip field is optional, and is not automatically included on your invoices.
  • ACH- Let your clients pay by ACH bank transfer – with Iris + Square ACH. Square users located in the United States can accept payments by ACH. ACH payments are a simple, secure way for your clients to pay invoices – with lower processing fees than credit card payments.

Not sure if you are ready to make the switch to Square as your payment processor? Check out what our users are saying about square!

Want to learn more about automation or what to automate? Check out our blog about cutting down tasks.

Ready to elevate your invoice experience? Try Iris out for a free 14 day trial!



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