7 Ways to Market Through the Holidays

Market through holidays

The holidays put everyone into the gift giving mind set, so why not create a marketing plan through the end of the year to get your name in front of potential clients? This is an especially great time of year to offer specials if you’re a portrait photographer. What mom wouldn’t be excited to get a session for their family for Christmas? If you haven’t started marketing yet, now is the time to do so! Here are 7 ideas that you can do to market your business though the holidays:

  1. Social Media – Be sure to utilize Facebook & Instagram to post any deals that you are running for your business. If you are not actively posting, trying increasing your posts slightly – but not too much, you don’t want to overwhelm people with a sea of new posts. This way you’ll have an engaged audience before you post your specials. If you are running ads during the holidays, make sure they are targeted well (such as friends of those who like your business page) to make sure they get in front of the right people.
  2. Black Friday – There are so many opportunities for Black Friday! Send out an email with your special discount, offer gift certificates, or a bonus print gift if they book that day. If you are needing to boost your number of clients, connect with another local small business to offer you as the bonus gift for their holiday deals. Write a detailed blog to direct people to so they have instructions on how to get the deal and what’s included. Get creative and be sure to utilize Facebook and Instagram to post about your special.
  3. Email Campaigns – As a portrait photographer, having a client email list is a huge tool. Use a program like Mailchimp or Madmimi to send out your Black Friday or Holiday specials. Remind them that it’s time to schedule their portrait session for the upcoming year. It’s a great way to get in front of your clients versus relying on regular Facebook posts to try and make it into your clients feed.
  4. Gifts – Think about a potential gift that you can send to your clients as a way of saying thank you for supporting your business this year. Maybe a custom ornament or small calendar with photos from their session. Or something small that isn’t necessarily photo related that you can buy from another local business. Any way that you can surprise your clients and give back to them will be sure to get them talking about you to all their friends!
  5. Give Back – Promote a special by giving a small percentage back to a charity with each session or gift card purchase. Or do a mini session pantry or clothing drive where they get a session if they bring XX amount of items. It’s a great way to give back to your community, and people love supporting a charitable business!
  6. Small Business Cross Marketing – Connect with other local small businesses to find ways that you can team up for the holidays. Maybe they offer a handout with a special offer with each purchase, you could do the same for them, put together a mailing list with a few different offers from people you’ve teamed up with, or you could do a small business holiday party to give people a place to come and shop for gifts. There are so many possibilities and this can create a relationship for partnering in more ways down the road.
  7. Holiday Cards – Send out a Holiday Card from your business to past clients. This may not immediately bring people in for sessions, but it keeps you in front of your clients, enhances your brand, and builds that relationship with your client. You can put in a special offer, or just keep it light and fun!


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