6 Unique Photoshoot Locations for Photographers

Are you a photographer who likes to shoot in the same spots all the time? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for some new locations to try out and change things up? Here are 6 unique photoshoot locations for photographers.

Sometimes we get into a rut of shooting the same place – either because we just love it, our clients love it, or it’s just something in our comfort zone. Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone can be for the best. You might challenge yourself to learn how to shoot in a new spot or under different lighting scenarios. Changing up locations and showcasing those on your website or social media can potentially help you pull in some new clients or get your existing clients excited about booking another session with you. 

Location scouting can be hard when we aren’t quite sure where to start. We have compiled a quick list for portrait photographers of locations to try that are fun and unique settings. Bonus – we’ve included some photos at each location for inspiration! Be sure to ask for permission to shoot in new spots before you set up a photo shoot there.

Plant Nursery or Greenhouse

Taking photos at the same parks can get boring, but sometimes you still want to incorporate some nature in your photos. Greenhouses or plant nurseries are unique photoshoot locations and the perfect setting for portraits! Especially if you are a photographer living in the midwest – because all of those pretty flowers take a while to bloom or greenhouses can provide that nature feel but with protection from the rain.

portrait of mom and three boys sitting in a plant nursery
portrait of a mother holding her son in a plant nursery
portrait of mother with three sons at a plant nursery

Laura McPherson – Elephant Juice Photography

Parking Garage

Leading lines and great views of your city – parking garages make for a fun and cool location to shoot at. Your city probably has several parking garages to choose from so you can get different views around your city from the top of the garage.


portrait of a couple standing together on top of a parking garage
portrait of a couple dancing at a parking garage rooftop

Korie Austin – Korie Austin Photography

portrait of a girl sitting outside in a parking garage

Jennifer Illig – Jennifer Illig Photography

Coffee Shop

With fall and winter right around the corner, a coffee shop is another unique photoshoot location that will be the perfect setting for a cozy portrait session. Coffee shops are great for your coffee loving clients so you can capture more of a lifestyle look to your portrait session. They are also a great location for headshots and branding sessions as well. Play around with shooting inside the coffee shop and then having your clients sit near a window to get some photos of them through the glass.

headshot of male inside a coffee shop
portrait of a couple sitting inside a coffee shop holding hands

Mallory Davis – Malmo Photography

Beth Miller – Beth Miller Photography


Looking for a cool and nostalgic location? Check your local laundromats. Laundromats can be a fun and funky location to shoot at especially if they have a more retro look. Laundromats are great if you’re planning to do a styled photo shoot. Your client’s outfit can match the retro vibes of the laundromat. Have your client play around with the dryers, pretend to put coins in the machines, and play with the laundry carts. 

girl sitting in laundry cart inside laundromat
portrait of girl inside a laundromat standing next to dryer

Tiffany Bergamino – Tiffany Bergamino Photography

Hotel Lobby

Some cities have some pretty nice hotels with lobbies that would be great for photos. Some hotels may be willing to open their doors to photographers and let them use their lobby space for photos. Look for a hotel lobby that has the most natural light and interesting decor to make the most of your session. Hotel lobbies can be the perfect spot for an upscale look for your clients.

portrait of a couple standing together in front of a black and white art piece
portrait of a couple sitting in a hotel lobby

Megan Al-Hassani – Megan Nicole Photography LLC

Inside a store

Whether it’s a grocery store or specialty shop like a candy store, you can find some fun settings inside stores for your photo shoots. Be sure to ask for permission from the store first and if you use anything as props or move things around, be respectful and put things back. This location might challenge your photography skills a bit with the lighting situation, but a good challenge every now and then is always nice. You can really have some fun here – using products as props, finding patterns and colors for backgrounds around the store, playing in the carts. The options are endless really. 

portrait of a girl in candy shop
portrait of a girl sitting in a grocery aisle

Tracy Anderson – Tracy Anderson Photography

Upload your locations into Iris

Once you get a running list of new and unique places to use, you can upload them into the location manager in Iris Works. You have the ability to drop a pin of the location, add in your notes, and upload an image. Then you can share that pin by sending it to your clients before a session and they’ll be able to click the link to get directions.

So get out there, build up that arsenal of photo locations, and get out of the funk of using the same place all the time.

What are some unique locations you’ve used?

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