33 Marketing Tips for Photographers

I hope you all have started to put together your Marketing Calendar for the year already! I know I always get more excited about my business when I sit down, make out a plan, and set some goals. Today, we’re sharing 33 ways to get your name out there and get people talking about your business! Feel free to save this image, print it out, hang it up on your fridge… Whatever you have to do to keep yourself in check! Some of these might sound simple, but how many of us are handing out our business cards every day? Every week? Have you printed some since the last time you ran out? Like I said, it seems simple, but being consistent and actually putting it into action is a different story!

So, look over this list and REALLY think about if you are truly implementing these and HOW you are implementing them. We recently went to Indiana Conference for Women, and one of the speakers said something that stuck with me. She said, “When you’re competing, humility is not your friend.” (Sam Horn). No one is going to talk about your business until YOU start talking about it. So get out there and start sharing what it is that you do!


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