3 Ways To Stand Out in A Saturated Photography Market

The photography market has become saturated over the years. People now have easier access to cameras, equipment and photography education. There has been a rise in people starting up their own businesses including new photographers. It can be hard running a business with so many other photographers in your area to compete with. So how do you make yourself stand out in the market?

1. Provide an amazing customer experience

Great customer service is key to keeping your clients coming back and bringing other clients through the door. Providing your clients with an amazing experience from start to finish will help build a sense of trust and make it easier for those referrals to roll in. While taking amazing photos is one part of the job – having great people skills and going above for your clients will help you stand out.

You might come across a client who has had professional photos taken by another photographer and the reason they didn’t return to them was due to the experience – poor communication, a bad experience, etc… You can up your game in the client experience department by providing an easy way for clients to contact you, offer online booking to make the booking process easy, and automate emails to provide amazing communication throughout the entire process.

Be sure to collect reviews from your clients so you can provide evidence that you have a great customer experience.


2. Become an Expert

Many new photographers entering the photography market may not be sure what area they want to focus on and end up offering many different types of services. It’s easier to get good at something if it is the main thing you do all the time versus having your attention in multiple different places. Being able to narrow down an area of photography to focus on will allow you to become the expert and eventually become well known for that service.

studio set up

3. Offer Something Different

Something else to think about is how can you be different from your competition? You are all offering the same service – photography. So what else can you do to stand out? Try offering something different from the other photographers in your area. For example – if you offer maternity photography you might notice that most photographers only offer outdoor maternity sessions. To stand out, you can try offering fine art sessions in a studio. Another way to stand out is by offering products. Many photographers these days only offer digitals. You can be different be offering a selection of products and guiding your clients in selecting art for their home using the images you have captured.


What ways to do you make yoursef stand out as a photography business owner? 



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