Wedding photographer Bobbi Sheridan

Bobbi Sheridan.

Louisville Wedding Photographer

I had tried a few studio management programs before Iris and was completely overwhelmed with the setup process that I never really gained traction with any of them. With Iris though, I loved its simplicity, clean look, and how easy it was to setup. It’s made my business more organized than ever; even my past clients who have been with me for years have commented on how great communication is. They’re always impressed with how streamlined and professional it all looks.”

Bobbi Sheridan wedding snapshot
What was the one biggest pain point in your business before using Iris and how did Iris solve that for you?

“Not having a line of sight on where I was with my clients. It’s so easy to forget who has been sent a contract, invoice, questionnaire, etc. It can be a lot to juggle! With Iris, it keeps track of all of that in one place.” 

Engagement photo from Bobbi Sheridan
If you could choose one word other than “photographer” to describe yourself what would it be?

“Step-Bob. I’ve had some maaaaajor changes these past couple of years. I went from 0 to 3 kids and had to figure out how to juggle family time, dinners, school schedules, sports, plays; all of that on top of a business where I travel a LOT. It’s been crazy, but in all the best ways.”

How has Iris helped you find the balance to be more of ‘Step-Bob’?

“Having Iris has helped me keep track of my business while I navigate work/life balance in this amazing yet hectic new season of life.”

Family session from Bobbi Sheridan


Bobbi Sheridan is a highly sought-after wedding and portrait photographer based out of Louisville.

In her own words: “I’m a music-loving, dog-obsessed photographer who shoots weddings and families all over the world. I laugh loudly, I’m a little quirky, I’m passionate and I’m damn good at my job!”

Bobbi and her family at her wedding