Powerful Photography Client Questionnaire Benefits

Have you ever gone to a session and realized you don’t know anything about your clients?  No?!  Me either….  Just kidding! Getting to know your clients is an important part of any photography business.  In todays blog, learn how creating a powerful photography client questionnaire benefits not only you but your clients.

I was new to the photography world and I did not realize I needed to know more than my client’s name. I would show up to a session and know the bare minimum.  Sessions would be a little awkward. Not knowing much about the clients would make getting them comfortable in front of the camera and me take a little bit longer.  I learned quickly that getting to know your clients is an important part of any business. Getting to know your clients helps to cultivate lasting relationships and hopefully creates repeat clients.   When you show up to a session and know not only your client’s names but their favorite activities and what makes them tick it will help put your clients at ease. Furthermore,  it will help reduce some of the awkwardness of meeting for the first time.   The more you know about your clients and their expectations for the session, the easier the session will be.  

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty of how a powerful photography client questionnaire benefits you and your client.  What are the hard hitting questions you should be asking on your photography client questionnaires?  Here are some items you should consider when creating your questionnaire.



What do you hope to learn about your clients?

Do you know the names of all the people attending the session? If a client has children, do you know something about each child?  Have your client tell you what their child’s favorite activities are, what grade they are in, what makes them unique and special.  Knowing this information will put the clients at ease and make conversations flow more organically.  Every client should feel important and taking the time to know each and everyone in the session will help create that relationship.


What are your clients expectations from their session?

Have the client tell you what they are hoping for.  What made them choose your photography studio? What do they love about your work? Where and how do they plan on displaying their photos?  Are they getting photos for a special occasion? Do they prefer posed photos or more natural interaction photos? All these questions will help you better serve your client.  Take the guess work out of their expectations for you.


Another important part of your photography questionnaire is making it easy for your clients to fill out.  This is where Iris Works comes in!  Iris makes creating and sending client questionnaires easy and stress free.   You can also automate your questionnaires by attaching them to welcome emails and adding them to your workflow.   We also offer free client questionnaires for our customers that can be edited to fit your needs.

In need of ideas for specific questionnaires such as weddings, newborns or milestone sessions?  Check out our past blogs where we’ve got all sorts of suggestions.

Ready to start creating and sending client questionnaires easily? Join Iris Works for a free 14 day trial.



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