How useful are photography client questionnaires?

As photographers, we are constantly trying out different products/ideas to help our business run smoothly.  We like to stay current and keep up with the newest trends.   Having useful client questionnaires will help you stay up on current trends. Taking photographs is only a small portion of our job.  What people don’t see, is what a photographer’s job is like behind the scenes.  Our job description should include not only photographer but editor, tech support and most importantly, client relations.  In this blog, we will discuss the importance of client relationships and how useful are photography client questionnaires.

Client relations is a major part of a photographer’s job.   Ultimately, it will effect your current business and how it grows.  Creating powerful photography client questionnaires benefits not only you but your client.   In one of our latest blogs, we learned about creating client questionnaries and the benefits of using a questionnaire.
So, we have mentioned a few times that using client questionnaires is a good idea but really how useful are these client questionnaires? Does it really make a difference?  Yes, my friend, it does and let me tell you why.


Client Comfort

I don’t know about you but getting my photograph taken isn’t always my favorite activity and this probably is the case for a lot of your clients.  If you had a client fill out a questionnaire, you will come to your session armed and ready to make their session more comfortable.  Little Freddy loves playing soccer and videos games and Sally loves dolls and makeup.  These might seem like little tid bits of knowledge but now you know something about your client besides their name.  You can start an organic conversation with something as simple as  “Hey, did you know that I love soccer too!”  Knowing your clients likes and dislikes will help them feel like you have taken the time to get to know them.

Client Session Expectations

Going into your session and knowing what your client is hoping for will take the guess work out.  If you created a powerful questionnaire, you will know exactly what they are wanting out of their session.  Are they wanting more candid photographs or posed and smiley photos for grandma and grandpa?  This will not only help you navigate a smooth flowing session but will help in post production.

Client Feedback

We are all use to getting those survey’s after doctor’s appointments, restaurant visits ,etc.  The purpose of these survey is to find out what they can do to make your experience better. Sending a questionnaire after the session is like sending out a customer survey. The questionnaire will give you useful knowledge on how you can make your sessions run more smoothly.  This will not only make you a better photographer but will help you retain current customers and possibly get referrals.



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