Three great ways to tidy up your business in the new year.

Time to tidy up your business

Many of us have been inspired by the recent Marie Kondo craze (it’s okay to admit it), and whether you’ve picked up her book or binged her Netflix series, it’s easy to see how getting rid of things that don’t spark joy makes sense. Why not carry that over to your photography business? Let’s get some ideas to tidy up your business. Here are three easy places to start:

“Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.” -Marie Kondo

Your gear

Sooner or later (at least in the midwest), we’re going to stumble upon spring again, so now is a great time to fire up a podcast and get your gear in order.

Your lens and cameras surely need a good cleaning. What about your batteries? Get them replenished, recharged and reorganized. Clean out your bag from all of those cupcake crumbs that you snagged during wedding receptions and birthday parties.

Do you have items in your bag that you don’t use? Thank it for its service and sell it! Maybe there is a group of photographers in your area that you could arrange a swap with? Get creative. But get yourself set up for a new season!

If you don’t already belong to a group like Canon Professional Services or Nikon Professional Services, you should consider joining. Having your equipment professional cared for will make your gear last longer!

Your portfolio

At a minimum, the start of a new year is a great time to refresh your online portfolio and change up your images. Only show the images that you have a connection to and that will bring your ideal clients to your business. Be deliberate in what you choose and don’t be afraid to toss images that are no longer in line with your brand.

It’s also smart to revisit your social media game. Are there old images on Facebook that shouldn’t be there anymore? Are your Instagram images curated to represent your current brand? Is it time to up your Instagram story game for this coming year? It’s your story and it needs to be consistent and appealing to the clients you want!

Finally, schedule some time to revisit your portfolio quarterly. You’ll be glad that you did.

Your workspace

Not only is it a great time to clean your workspace, file your paperwork (tax time, anyone?), and revisit your organizational strategy for the year, but you’ll just FEEL BETTER once it’s done.

Are there things in your office that you don’t need anymore? Toss them or pay it forward to a newbie photographer. If the items in your workspace aren’t adding value to your business, get rid of them. Starting your spring season with your ducks in a row will help you be more confident and less anxious.

If you haven’t already, it’s also a good idea to thinking about investing in a studio management system to make your life easier. Iris Works will help you automate your entire workflow—from booking, to contracting, invoicing and email communication with your clients. Already using Iris Works? We’d love to set up some time with you to help you up your workflow game and hit even more of your goals in 2019.



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