The Perfect Customer Experience, Part 3: Streamline and Organize

*This is a continuation of our multi-part series, The Perfect Customer Experience. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.*

Streamling and Organize Your Business to Achieve The Perfect Customer Experience

So you’ve done the hard part – you’ve identified who your ideal client is AND you’ve determined your workflow, from start to finish, and tailored that to your ideal client. You’re well on your way to providing the perfect customer experience to your clients. The problem is, you’re likely looking at your long and time-consuming workflow and getting overwhelmed just thinking about implementing it. Don’t fret my friend – you’re not alone.

A few years ago, I was in your shoes. I was up to my ears in work stemming from my photography business and I was overwhelemd. I was spending countless hours with contracts, questionnaires, emails, invoices – you name it. My poor husband was sick of me being stressed and anxious all of the time. I was cruising along in my business but I wasn’t actually running my business. I wasn’t managing anything, including myself.

It was time to manage myself and take control over my business. And so began my journey to create Iris Works (now it wasn’t reallly that simple, it took a long time before I made the leap of faith to create a studio management system – but you get the idea).

So how do you do this? How do you create this awesome workflow and then have enough time to actually do everything in it? You sign up for Iris Works, duh. Now in all seriousness, you have to find a way to automate and streamline your workflow or you’ll continue to drown in your business. Here’s how we do that for you:



All of those must-have workflow items we talked about in Part 2 of this series, we can automate for you. It’s simple and straight-forward, and best of all, you’ll always be providing each and every customer with the same positive customer experience.

  photography workflow

Email Templates: 

I’m all for personalization, but when you have certain standardized messages that you are constantly sending to clients – you’ve got to create templates. Iris allows you to create email templates, AND personalize them, AND automate them. This is one of our biggest time savers – we personalize the emails for you based on your settings, and we send out these emails based on your workflow settings. Done and done!

Iris Works Templates


A big part of getting to know your customers is utilizing questionnaires. You can collect important information about your clients, what they’re hoping to get out of their session, and learn about their personalities, all from asking a few simple questions. Using questionnaires also helps your client realize that you care about them, not just about their money. And leveraging a system like Iris allows your not only create customized questionnaires and forms, but automatically send them to your clients.

Photography Questionnaire, Iris Works

Having a solid system in place to handle all of the above items and more is imperative to running your photography business. Streamlining and organizing your business, using the tools within the Iris Works system, position you to provide your clients with the best overall customer experience. AND you’ll be efficiently running your business as well, which means you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business – or even more time for your family! Have you signed up for a trial yet?


Meredith Gradle is the founder and CEO of Iris Works – a photography studio management program. As a photographer of nearly 6 years, Meredith used her knowledge of the industry to create a simple and intuitive studio management system. 


Ready to try Iris Works and start streamlining your business? Sign up for a 14 day FREE trial! 



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