Let Iris help you schedule spring mini-sessions in a snap.

Real talk: the overwhelming nature of mini-sessions can be scary. There are so many moving parts, they involve so much back and forth, and it can be so tricky to keep track of each client. Well, worry no more! The Iris booking feature allows your clients to pick an open time on your calendar for seamless scheduling, contracting and invoicing. Once they’re confirmed, your workflow will do the rest!

To help make setting up your spring mini-sessions easy, we’ve simplified the process down to two easy steps (and we’ve even made a quick checklist to help you knock it out!):

Step one: Create your promotion. 

Your checklist:

  • Decide the specifics of your promotion. When? How much? How many files?
  • Identify the audiences that you want to reach: your Facebook page, a link on Instagram, your email list, etc.
  • Create the templates and workflow in Iris.

Step two: Create your templates and workflow. 

Your checklist:

  • Create an invoice and contract template in Iris. 
  • Create a workflow to kick off immediately after booking that includes your confirmation email, your reminder email and your thank you/please show me the love email (and whatever else).
  • Create your booking calendar.

Now all you have to do is share your link with your audiences and you’ll be all set! You’ll be booked, contracted and paid without you ever lifting a finger. Once your workflow is kicked off, they’ll have everything they need to know about your session, from location to how to leave you a glowing review. 

If you’re ready to start your free 14-day trial, we’d love to have you. It’s the perfect way to test out all of our features, including booking. Our robust FAQ page and YouTube channel will help you get started, and our customer success team is always ready to help. Get started HERE.




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